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150 million children’s books and the Covid vaccine: why Dolly Parton is simply the best person

Treating sick people with plasma from others is a healing method known to doctors since the early 20th century. From the outset , scientists suspected that this could also be a valid method for treating Covid , especially among the most seriously ill patients. Recovered virus patients could contribute their own antibody-filled blood to those who need it most. However, the investigation of this procedure, elucidating what level of antibodies is necessary and under what specific conditions the treatment works, is difficult and expensive.

That’s where Dolly Parton comes in , that historic country music icon, and her million-dollar donation to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s research fund. Thanks to the pilot study of this University, it is possible that many people with unrecoverable conditions ( 500 patients received this plasma ) have gained a little more life. More than seven months later, it has been discovered that Parton’s donation could potentially help many more people than expected, specifically all of us: the Moderna vaccine, the latest of the houses to make a promising announcement of its results, was nurtured by Vanderbilt plasma research and funding that the legendary artist paid for.

In some way, this indirect transfusion of life that Dolly Parton has given us all is nothing more than the epitome of what the singer has been doing throughout her career: fighting for a better world in which we are all more united, for a harmonized humanity. who chooses the path of love instead of that of confrontation. The artist has always practiced what she calls “dollytics” : never stepping on political issues that could confront her diverse fan niche, with members both among southern Christians and Republicans and in the liberal and gay scene.

During the 2017 Emmys , when he took the stand alongside committed Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin and they began to enact an expected anti-Trump rant, his conciliatory response was to go from criticizing the President to making one of his popular jokes. about breasts with which the whole world was cut off. She also remained, as she has been asked in several interviews, particularly silent about the MeToo debate, to which she always claims that she hopes that her actions in the past and the message of her music will answer what her position is. about.

And despite all these gestures, the creator of 9 to 5 and Jolene is experiencing a second golden age as a celebrity on social networks, both among the older generations and especially among millennials and Zs. Possibly because her commitment to triviality and unassuming escapist spectacle today seem like a parapet for the culture wars that we are all willing to embrace.

Put another way, Dolly Parton is the best person .

And it was before the document corroborating his investment in coronavirus research was leaked. His philanthropic facet has gone much further in his 74-year career.

His most important work in this regard is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library , a literacy campaign he has run since the 1980s, which has bought and given away almost 150 million books to more than a million and a half English-speaking children from low-income families. Her childhood was one that would make social caregivers shudder, with anecdotes such as her parents, unable to pay the obstetrician with money, they paid him with part of the corn they harvested. Never forgetting those difficult roots, this self-made Tennessee guarantees these children a free book a month until they reach elementary school.

The rest of his lesser-known philanthropic activity is also both a synthesis of his heterogeneous personal interests and a representation of that desire for social cohesion that we were talking about. She has campaigned with PETA for families not to keep their dogs on leashes in the street but inside their homes. He has put money for hospitals and cancer research in the deprived area where he was born. He has funded the American Eagle Foundation to preserve his nation’s symbol bird, the bald eagle , but has also funded campaigns for the American Red Cross and for charities fighting HIV.. Survivors of the 2016 Great Smoky Mountains wildfires, one of the largest catastrophes in Tennessee history, owe Dolly the $1,000 grant she gave to each affected household.

We could go on, but better than continuing with a string of altruistic merits, it is worth remembering other major notches in her non-musical biography: a) yes, Dolly the sheep is named in honor of the singer (and more specifically because of the relationship of the cloned mammal with mammary cells).

And b) she is such an incredible person that she has fulfilled the secret dream that we all carry inside, to create an amusement park in honor of herself.


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