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3d logo: How to make, examples

If you follow the latest trends in graphic design, then you have probably heard about the growing popularity of 3D logos. Compared to 2D logos, 3D logos have a stronger emotional impact. In this article, we will figure out how to make a beautiful and spectacular 3D logo on our own. Using Turbologo‘s online builder, you can complete this task without even having any graphic design skills.

What is a 3D logo

3D logos are becoming more and more popular. This can be explained by their unusual design: the addition of volume makes even the simplest design interesting.

Such an element of the company’s image attracts the attention of the audience, as if hypnotizing it. And with the help of a 3D text logo, you can demonstrate the modern approach of the brand.

3D logos are increasingly chosen by companies specializing in various types of activities. What is his secret?

3D logo is an emblem endowed with visual volume. Competent overlay of penumbra, “play” of dark and light tones allow to achieve such an effect. Now it is not necessary to be a designer to create such a logo. You can do it online without having any skills. Special services offer a set of simple tools that everyone understands. With their help, you can make a great 3D logo online. The whole process will only take a few minutes.

How to create a 3D logo

Logos by Mahjabin Afrin

Here are some tips to help you create an attractive 3D logo.

Shadows, gradients and highlights

To create a three-dimensional effect, use shadows, gradients and highlights in the logo. This is the easiest way to turn a normal 2D image into 3D.

Realistic 3D elements

Another effective technique is to create a three-dimensional optical illusion. Add an object to the logo that will fool the brain and make the graphics stand out on a flat screen. Here are some interesting examples:

By the way, you can make an impressive 3D logo yourself in the convenient Turbologo constructor, as well as in Canva.

Depth in hand-drawn logos

Three-dimensional can be not only digital logos, but also drawn ones. Working with perspective will help you create the desired effect. At the same time, creativity can be both as realistic and simple as possible.


Textures, as elements of graphic design, not only help to achieve the effect of volume, but also lead the story, evoking the required associations. When choosing them, be guided by the history of the brand and its messages.

Animated 3D logos

Three-dimensional logos are much more eye-catching than two-dimensional ones, but you can go even further and add movement to them.

How to create a 3D logo

You can design such an emblem using several methods. The most common of them is an appeal to designers (to a specialized studio or to a private specialist). But often customers are faced with the fact that the result does not meet their expectations. Therefore, the best option would be to create a brand name using an online designer.

Each user gets the opportunity to choose one of the many online sites specializing in the development of the logo. They have similar functionality, but there are also distinctive features. Below we will talk about the service with which you can get a unique emblem.

Design Free Logo Online. On this site, the user can design a 3D logo for any company, spending just a few minutes. To develop a brand name, you just need to enter the name of the company (or add a slogan), choose the type of font and the shade you like that will suit the future logo. Also, on this Internet site, the user is presented with a wide range of high-quality templates.

After the process is completed, the service will send the finished vector logo to your email within a few hours.

Also, to create a 3D logo, you can use the functionality of the Turbologo service. With this designer, you can make an emblem in just a couple of minutes. Users get at their disposal a gallery of ready-made logo templates with 3D logo layouts.

Another way to get a 3D logo is to design it in a graphics program. However, this will require certain skills that need to be trained.

3D is back in fashion. Take note of the techniques listed above and test them when creating a logo. The result is a modern and efficient design. Good luck!

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