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5 Industries That Need A Custom Stamped Metal Parts Manufacturer

Stamped metal parts are among the key building blocks of the world since the industrial revolution. From electrical appliances to industrial equipment to automobile parts to smaller fittings, stamped sheet metal parts make up pretty much everything around us. 

Custom metal stamping refers to the process of cold formation that uses dies and a stamping press to create two-dimensional parts out of sheet metal. It is ideally used for more complex parts that need to be manufactured in large quantities. Conventional metal stamping methods complete one operation, then continue to the next one. Meanwhile, a stamped metal parts manufacturer combines several operations like punching, embossing, and blanking into a single process. This saves both time and money and is hence the most preferred metal stamping method in use today.

Custom metal stamping has applications across every industry, even though the scale varies. Let’s look at the top industries that depend on custom metal stamping.

1. Electrical and Power Industry

Custom metal components play several roles within the power and electrical industry alone. Electric components are required in large volumes on a regular basis. Custom metal stamping is an effective and efficient method of production and helps save time and money in the long run. Parts required include clips, fasteners, bolts, and other smaller parts along with larger equipment components. Using custom metal stamping for manufacturing these parts is the best possible option.

2. Construction Equipment

Construction work doesn’t happen in a day. The shortest processes take several days to finish. Therefore, construction work and its working environment need durability. Through different construction processes, devices and tools are used aggressively and go through extreme wear and tear. Custom stamped metal components last longer than parts created using different methods or materials. These parts can survive extreme temperatures and corrosion and can also be used as a part of metal alloys that combine to create stronger materials and parts.

3. Hardware and Fittings

You might not realize this fully, but there are smaller components that hold together everything that you see around you. These components are widely used for both industrial and personal hardware. Doors, shelves, cabinets, and shelves of different shapes and sizes are all made through custom metal stamping. A stamped metal parts manufacturer is also responsible for creating nuts, bolts, locks, handheld tools, door locks, and latches, along with a comprehensive list of other fittings required across structures and industries.

4. Consumer Appliances

There are different types of appliances, both personal and commercial. These appliances come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and functionalities. With the evolution of technology, these appliances get outdated very fast and need to be replaced from time to time. New technology means new appliances, which means new units manufactured every day. Appliances are made up of several smaller parts that work together to perform a set of complex functions successfully. Custom metal stamping offers a new level of personalization that was not possible before. This makes new customer experiences possible and thus opens new avenues for manufacturers and appliance designers. The product created through custom metal stamping is reliable and performs the assigned task perfectly.

5. Automobile Industry

Custom metal stamping is a big part of the manufacturing process in the automotive industry. Wireframes and assemblies for manufacturing individual units are carried out via the custom metal stamping process. Manufacturers can easily design, build, package and deliver more automotive products in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

Materials Used For Custom Metal Stamping

Custom metal stamping has opened up new customization options for manufacturers and customers that weren’t possible before. Metals are the most commonly used material, but other materials like leather and rubber are also used extensively. There are different types of metals used, which includes.

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  • Precious metals, which include gold, platinum, and silver
  • Ferrous metals that mostly comprise iron-based alloys like stainless steel
  • Non-conventional alloys are made up of lesser-known elements like beryllium and copper, that combine to create strong materials with higher malleability

Metal stamping companies most commonly use ferrous metals, because they have lower carbon content and are cheaper than other metals. 

Choose a custom stamped metal parts manufacturer that understands your needs and has a credible market history along with good industry experience.

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