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5 Major Role of Co-Curricular Activities for Students

Schools are not only for education but for the overall development of students. It can be accomplished by the many extracurricular activities available to students.


Top schools like CBSE High Schools offer many co-curricular activities. They can be very advantageous for the holistic development of your child. Following are some of the critical functions of extracurricular activities.

  • Boosting confidence and development of personality: Students’ sense of belonging, public speaking, and communication skills have all improved thanks to co-curricular activities at school. These activities aid students’ overall personality development. Co-curricular activities teach students to take the initiative and prepare them for new experiences. These include group discussions, debates, recitations, art and craft projects, music and dance competitions, reading, and more. Thus, boosting their confidence and making them express themselves. 

  • Developing specialized skills: The top schools like CBSE School in Pune offer extracurricular activities like debating, painting, music, etc., that help the students develop specialized skills. The co-curricular activities offered at school allow students to hone their talents and develop specialized skills. Competitions at school encourage students to improve their skills by fostering a competitive environment continually.

  • Better physical and mental health: Students who take part in co-curricular activities become more proactive because they are required to do so and are not given the option of skipping them. Since these are a part of their daily curriculum in the best CBSE High Schools, they have no choice but to take them.


According to studies, students who engage in one or more hobbies perform better academically. Therefore, co-curricular activities play a significant role in enhancing general health. Co-curricular activities improve students’ physical and mental health while lowering academic stress.

  • Exposure to new activities: Students are exposed to a variety of activities that improve their strength while allowing them to select the lessons they want to learn and enjoy. Through various activities like debates, extempore, and recitation, co-curricular activities in schools assist students in developing their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation, and sense of belonging.


In the end, this aids in the development of their overall personality. Even though some students struggle in the classroom, they excel in other areas like sports, music, and other performing arts. Students can find their niche early in life with many activities at their disposal in schools like the CBSE school in Pune.

  • Better academic performance: You might be concerned that participating in extracurricular activities will interfere with your academic performance, but this is not the case. Engaging actively in a hobby or activity you love will enhance brain function. Your ability to focus and manage your time will improve.


Sports, for instance, can help you focus, increase your stamina, and learn to keep going despite setbacks or difficulty. Students who participate in extracurricular activities tend to view school and future education more favorably. In short, extracurricular activities may benefit you in terms of raising your academic performance.


Thus, you can see how vital the role of extracurricular activities is in the development of your child.


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