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5 Physical Activities You’ll Love This Summer

Summertime is nearly upon us, which means it is time to get out and get active! While we should be exercising every season (yes, even during the winter), it is so much more enjoyable to really get active in the summer because the weather is warm, it’s simply delightful overall, and you can even explore while exercising!

If you are searching for some truly beneficial physical activities to indulge in this summer, then you have come to the right place. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of five outdoor physical activities you’ll love this summer!

1. Rock Climbing
Rock climbing has been a popular physical activity since it began in the 1880s. Nowadays, there are various types of rock climbing spots that exist for those interested to explore, as well as indoor rock climbing gyms that make it easier than ever to jump into the sport.

Not exactly familiar with all the ins and outs of rock climbing but still want to give it a try? Indoor rock climbing classes might be a great way to spend your summer! Some gyms offer rock climbing day passes to make it easy and low-commitment for when you do so! Plus, you may discover you love rock climbing so much that you want to do it year-round.

2. Yoga
Yoga has been a remarkable practice since its beginnings thousands of years ago. While yoga classes indoors can offer yogis various benefits (controlled temperatures, even flooring, quieter environments, fewer distractions, etc.), practicing yoga outdoors is exceptionally advantageous as well!

By indulging in yoga outdoors (whether with a class or on your own), you are honing your focus skills, enjoying the great outdoors (even cool breezes!), practicing your mindfulness, and breathing fresh air throughout your experience. Plus, you can time it just right to watch the sunrise or sunset!

3. Group Fitness Classes
Speaking of physical activites that can be accomplished within a group, why not give other group fitness classes a shot? There are countless group fitness classes available in nearly any area. These could include ninja warrior classes, Krav Maga, pilates, CrossFit, barre, HIIT, core, conditioning, and many more! Many of these classes are even enjoyed outside during the summer months.

4. Sports
Sports have long been known to be excellent ways of gaining physical strength and endurance all the while improving your social skills along with mental strength! There are countless outdoor sports you can enjoy during the summer: baseball, softball, kickball, volleyball (beach and grass!), tennis, soccer, basketball– the list goes on and on!

Wondering where you can play? You can try joining established leagues that correspond with your level of play in your area or hop in on pickup games for more recreational, laidback games. Head on over to Facebook groups or use the app called Meetup to discover more! When in doubt, a quick Google search can also lead you to where you want to go.

5. Swimming
Is surfing not really your thing? Well, not a problem! You can instead try swimming! Swimming is a low-impact sport that is excellent for toning muscles, improving your aerobic capacity, and simply burning calories.

Whether you live on the ocean or you have a nearby community pool, go enjoy a nice refreshing dip and strengthen your body at the same time!

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