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5 places that buy boxes for cash, frugal living, coupons, and free stuff

Over the years, people used to sell valuable items to earn money. But who would have thought that the time would come when people would sell cardboard boxes to get money. Surprising, isn’t it?

Well, the good thing is you can quickly build your business of recycling cardboard packs for money. If you give proper thought to this idea, besides earning money, you somehow work for the most significant cause of saving the earth from unnecessary waste.

Sell Cardboard Boxes to Protect the Earth 

The world is suffering from environmental pollution. And incensory waste is adding a lot to pollution these days. Since the pandemic, the world has seen a massive rise in the use of cardboard as most buyers have shifted toward online purchasing.

Everything your purchase online comes all packed up in decorating cardboard boxes. What good entrepreneurs do they see a problem in society and find a solution to fill the gap. And selling cardboard can be the same thing you could do.

It’s more of an entrepreneurial venture that you could get on and earn some good cash. Sound interesting? You may already know a lot of places where you can collect cardboard packs in abundance. But the main question remains where to sell them. How to get the best prices for selling cardboard containers?

Well, we list some of the best places to sell your cardboard. Remember that your earnings may depend on how much you sell at once. 

How much can you make by selling Cardboard boxes?

How much money you make on one cardboard box largely depends on its size, thickness, and quality. You can sell different types of cardboard packs to companies that recycle cardboard.  Cardboard recyclers can pay you from $0.5 to $2 per box, depending on size and thickness.  There are special kinds of boxes like Gaylord boxes which can earn you at least $4 for a single box. Now Let’s find out some of the hot places to sell cardboards.

BoxCycle is a famous marketplace for selling different kinds of cardboard storage boxes. What boxCycle do is that they provide a platform for buyers to connect with sellers. It is an ideal platform if you are looking to start your recycling business.

You can quickly sell Cardboard packs on the BoxCycle platform. Just create an account and list your boxes for sale. What the platform will do is they will look for potential buyers and pay you as soon as the buyer picks up the boxes.

They also offer one key feature on the platform as the “Wanted” section. What a buyer could do is they could add the type of boxes they are looking for, so you could collect such boxes and sell them. BoxCycle makes it easier for buyers and sellers to do recycling box business through this platform.

Box smart

Box smart is a top place for selling cardboard packs. You can either choose to sell all the boxes in one go or could become a long-term supplier. 

Box smart accept all kinds of boxes, even ones that may be out of shape. Box smart will purchase used and obsolete boxes. The boxes in good condition will be resold, while the obsolete ones will go through the recycling process.

Box smart is an ideal platform if you want to earn a big buck. They promise to pay much better rates than other available options.  Moreover, they do not require you to ship them the boxes, which also saves you transportation money.

There is a very simple process to get a quote for your boxes. Finish and submit an online form to the company, and they will get back to you As soon as possible with a quote.

Containerexchanger is one of the notable places where you can sell your boxes at a good price range. They accept all used boxes, including pallet, bulk, and Gaylord boxes. It is a great platform to sell Gaylord boxes in loads of at least 200 units. You can get a good chance of making $4-$35 per box, depending on the size and condition of the box.

To get started with a Container exchanger, all you need to do is to sign up for an account. And list down your boxes for buyers to look at. When the buyer is ready to buy your boxes, the support team will contact you and ask you to deliver the boxes through a designated carrier. 

On arrival, the company will contact the buyer to confirm the size and condition, and once the buyer approves, you will get your money.

Duffy Box

Duffy Box is one of the oldest platforms that allow companies to save money by minimizing landfill waste. Companies have been selling different boxes to Duffy boxes, which are either resold or go through the recycling process. They promise to pay top dollar and have higher rates than other platforms. You can contact them to get a quote from Duffy box and start making money.

Recycler’s world

Recycler’s world is a platform similar to Boxcycle and has been around since 1995. You can even sell large cardboard boxes at this place. Recycler’s world helps buyers to get in contact with sellers directly and make a purchase. And pay you once the boxes get picked up.

Final Words

So now you know about some of the best places to sell your cardboard boxes and earn good money. These platforms have different pay rates, but you can make more if you have much thicker boxes.

You can now get a good idea of places to look at when selling cardboard boxes to earn money. There are a lot of people jumping into this business as there is growth.

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