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6 Tips For Photographers For Shooting A Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are always romantic. The beautiful scenery environment of the beach, the inspiring beach waves, and the vast ocean feels are just the best surroundings to get married in. There are so many benefits of choosing to marry on the beach but on the other hand; there are so many drawbacks as well. Shooting on the beach between the waves and the windy weather isn’t easy, but it excites me a lot.

As a Wedding Photographer, you need to make sure that you are carrying all the essential accessories along with you to ensure a good beach wedding shoot. For this, you must have good-quality tripods that don’t shake even with minimal wind. Furthermore, you should be aware and must know which shoots are the best ones when you are capturing a beach wedding. It would help you impress your client and this way you will get more projects.

Today, we will discuss some tips by Wedding Photographers in Seattle you must keep in mind while shooting a beach wedding. Let’s kickstart the same:

Six tips for photographers for shooting a beach wedding!

  • Accompany yourself with a second shooter

You might not be able to shoot solely around the beach. You need some help who can manage all the accessories and at the same time assist you while shooting in the windy weather conditions.

Hence, as the Seattle Wedding Photographers, it would be better if you had someone to help you while you hit. This way, they can assist you with any additional techniques that can be used or something important that you’re missing.

  • Take reflection shots

After successfully taking a couple’s normal wedding photos, Wedding Photographer suggests it’s time to add fun to your shots. Ask the couple to come near the water (safe area) and pose romantically so that you can capture the poses in the water reflections.

If there are sunsets or clouds during the photoshoots, then it will add some extra effort to the image, giving a very dynamic effect to the picture.

  • Do not keep shooting at one angle.

As per Wedding Photographers in Seattle, it’s pretty important to shoot at different angles, so your shots do not look monotonous and boring. This means that you need to make the couple pose differently so that you can capture creative photographs of the beach wedding. As it’s a beach wedding, there will be so many beautiful surroundings nearby. Make use of those surroundings and get a shot in every corner. You can even ask the couple to use the props for unique and creative beach wedding photography.

  • Capture during golden hour

Do you know what golden hour is?

Well, the golden hour is the time of sunset and sunrise; hence, if you take shots during this time of the day, the photos will be magical. During these hours, the weather conditions would not be that harsh, and shooting can be done smoothly.

Another good advantage of shooting during golden hours shared by Seattle Wedding Photographers is that you can make the couple pose in both positions, facing towards the sun and facing away from the sun.

  • Always carry multiple lenses.

Carry a complete kit of lenses with you when you go for beach wedding photography. This would ease your task as Wedding Photographers in Seattle of capturing multiple shots of different types, and the wedding album would look creative as there would be so much variety of prints in it. For instance, a wide-angle lens would allow you to capture the entire wedding site, and a telephoto lens would enable you to capture sweet and lovely moments between the couple, etc.

  • Bring off-camera lighting

Although at the beach, there’s no need for lighting as natural lighting is abundant out there, as you will be shooting in the direct sunlight, it would be good to bring off-camera lighting along with you. This way, you will be able to balance the exposure between the couple and the background. This works well when the sunlight is extreme. The fantastic Seattle Wedding Photographers share these tips

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