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9 Things That Actually Make the Brass Goat the Best Brass Catcher

The majority of brass catchers in the industry are mesh bag brass catchers with a wire frame that mount somewhere on the handguard, allowing you to cover the ejection port and catch spent brass.

Unfortunately, that design is not one that we would call the best brass catcher. The Brass Goat by Magwell Mounts, however, is. Here are some of the features that qualify it so.

1. It won’t melt
The Brass Goat is made from hard, molded ABS resin. Unlike “heat-resistant” nylon mesh brass catchers, it won’t melt, no matter how hot the spent casings get.

2. It won’t catch fire
On a similar note, it won’t catch fire. This might be a rare occurrence among some of the other high-quality brass catchers on the market, but it’s been known to happen (especially with heat-resistant mesh brass traps), and when it does, it’s a problem.

3. It’s compatible with a detachable hopper
Some brass catchers empty via a zipper on the bottom, which is hard to open and close and gets jammed. The Brass Goat is compatible with a detachable hopper that makes it a cinch to dump empty brass casings.

4. It doesn’t jam
When affixed properly and used with compatible cartridges, the Brass Goat will not jam. The hopper with which it’s compatible can also hold up to 30 rounds of spent .223 casings before it needs to be emptied.

5. It’s compatible with a wide range of popular cartridges
The Brass Goat is not just an AR-15 brass catcher that’s compatible with .223 and 5.56. It’s also compatible with a wide range of other cartridges, including .22 Nosler, .224 Valkyrie, .204 Ruger, .200 Blackout, and other popular cartridges. For full details see “Brass Goat Compatibility.”

6. It will keep your rail space clear
The Brass Goat does not attach to Picatinny rail mounts. Instead, it is easy to attach to mil-spec AR-15 magwells, can be attached in seconds, and requires no tools.

7. It will not obstruct your sight picture
Since the Brass Goat does not attach to rail mounts, it will keep your sight picture clear for faster target acquisition and follow-up shots.

8. It’s easy to clean
Mesh brass catchers attract and trap dirt, grime, fouling, and oil. Call us old-fashioned but we don’t think the best brass catcher should. The Brass Goat can be easily wiped clean.

9. It will not get caught or tangled in gear
Mesh brass catchers are literally nets that will catch and tangle with anything, especially brush in the field. The Brass Goat, with its slim construction from molded resin, does not get tangled – either in brush while hunting or with your gear at the range.

I’m Sold – It’s the Best Brass Catcher: Where Can I Get One?
We’re already confident we’ve built a solid case for the Brass Goat as the best brass catcher – but if you need to learn more about this shell catcher before making a decision, visit or contact them at 1-833-MAGWELL for more information.

For more information about Ar Shell Catcher Please visit: Magwell Mounts, LLC.

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