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Add These 3 Vintage Pieces to Your Living Room for Elegance and Comfort

Vintage and antique furniture boast unequivocal elegance, grace, and warmth. Regardless of the space in which they are placed, they add a unique aesthetic element that is rather inexplicable. Somehow, these types of furniture augment any room’s aesthetic, comfortability, and poise.

However, there are key differences between vintage and antique furniture you should be aware of prior to reading on. Antiques are at the very least 100 years old while vintage pieces are older, too, yet 40 to roughly 100 years old.

We will solely focus on vintage pieces today, more specifically vintage sitting pieces like sofas, armchairs, and more. Without further ado, let’s investigate which three vintage pieces of furniture you should include in your living room for both pristine elegance and comfort.

1. Vintage Armchair
A vintage armchair sits comfortably in our number one spot on our list. These pieces of furniture come in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes, and patterns, which make them easy to integrate into any living space. Plus, they allow guests and residents alike to sit and relax solo in a comfortable manner.

We suggest adding at least one vintage armchair into your living room for the desired effect but adding a second is also highly recommended if you’re looking for a more symmetrical look. One fine example of these pieces of furniture is bergeres, which are French upholstered long armchairs made for optimal comfort.

Bergeres are exceptional vintage armchairs because they are fitted with a tailored yet loose seat cushion all the while boasting meticulous design from legs to backing.

2. Vintage Loveseat
A loveseat is unique from a sofa, as it much more often seats two people instead of three. If you feel as if you are short on space or want a seating arrangement that is a bit more innocuous than a sofa, then a vintage loveseat is another great option to add to your living room.

Loveseats, especially when they are vintage pieces, add supreme comfort for both you and your guests. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, but one particular element that they all have in common is one elongated plush cushion. Their sleek design allows for them to seamlessly fit into any living room, regardless of its desired style.

As a side note, we have two recommendations when it comes to your loveseat. One is to add on a slipcover to give you peace of mind while you or someone else lounges on it (with or without a glass of red wine!). Another important piece to note is that you can further the look and comfort of your beloved loveseat with throw pillows of your choice.

3. Vintage Sofa
If you’re on the hunt for a truly comfortable piece of furniture for seating, then look no further than a vintage sofa. These typically seat three people seamlessly and comfortably while making for an enviable focal point for your living room.

Opting for a vintage sofa when you have the space for it supplies unequivocal elegance and grace along with a place for you to put your feet up after a long and draining day. It’s also an excellent piece for entertaining as you almost never have to worry if everyone has a place to sit, relax, and make themselves at home.

Where to Purchase the Most High-Quality Vintage Furniture
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