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All that You Need to Know about Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with manufacturing and presenting outcomes via a chemical process. It uses chemistry, physics, biology, economics, and mathematics principles to utilize, produce, plan, and transport efficiently and convert energy and materials. Chemical engineering also works in fields such as nanotechnology and bioengineering. 

What Do Chemical Engineers Do?

Chemical engineers implement techniques originated in the laboratory into practical applications required for the commercial production of yields. And they work to maintain and enhance those strategies and implement them into action.

In short, the main job of chemical engineers are as follows:

  • Leading the research to improve manufacturing methods
  • Planning equipment configuration
  • Assimilation security tactics for performing with harmful chemicals
  • Keeping the track and raising the performance of production procedures
  • Calculating the production costs

Where is Chemical Engineering Operated?

Chemical engineering is exceptionally familiar in large-scale industries with the goal of more quality products at less cost. The Chemical engineering scope is high in industries such as aerospace, automotive, automobile, electronic, bio-medical, and military. And very importantly, the medical industries are greatly dependent on the Chemical engineering field.

Who can Pursue Chemical Engineering?

Anyone trying to pursue chemical engineering must own a bachelor’s degree in their respective specialization. Besides, they should have a background in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and economics.

A master’s degree in chemistry will function as a catalyst by advancing chemical engineering scopes. Thus it unlocks new routes and more elevated placements to a shining future. 

Leading Chemical Engineering Colleges

  • Top colleges studying Chemical engineering in India are IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, and BITS Pilani. 
  • Please note that the average cost of studying B. Tech Chemical Engineering ranges somewhere between INR 50,000 and 2,00,000. 

Engineering in Chemistry:

It is a wrong notion that chemical engineers only work in laboratories. Whereas the fact is they work both in offices and laboratories, as there are innumerable chemical engineering degrees. Hence, chemical engineers find engagement in diverse industries such as industrial plants, refineries, and areas where the demand is for chemical procedures.

As mentioned earlier, the chemical engineering scopes are vast, and the future is bright. It is growing day by day as industries are sprouting up in numbers. Below is a list of sectors hiring chemical engineers:

  • The chemical manufacturing industry
  • Architectural, engineering, and interconnected assistance
  • Coal and Petroleum product production industry 
  • Industry of health care
  • Business services
  • The food manufacturing industry
  • Resin, synthetic fibres, rubber, and filament industries
  • The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
  • Scientific research and development favour
  • Electronic and energy factories

Job Opportunities along with the Salary Scale of a Chemical Engineer

  • The employment percentage has risen by 4% from 2012 to 2022, which is less and slower than most other occupations. Currently, as the statistics show, the situation is relatively stable. 
  • The salary of a chemical engineering graduate starts at Rs. 25000-30000 approximately per month.


Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering involving strategies that alter raw materials or chemicals into valuable forms. You should attend various free online career counselling sessions to get a clear vision of your career. Due to these sessions, many students searching for an ideal job get the proper guidance towards their suitable paths with the assistance of several career counselling professionals working hard every day. 

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