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Amazon Gift Card Not Working? Here Are 6 Fixes

Have you bought an Amazon gift card, discovered that it doesn’t work, and want to know how to resolve this problem so you can make purchases online?

Now that I’ve looked into every possible solution for the Amazon gift card not working, I’ll share the best solutions below. Read on to find out what I discovered.

My Amazon Gift Card Isn’t Working—Why?

If your Amazon gift card isn’t working, it’s possible that you’ve already added it to your account or that it has already been used to purchase something on another account. Additionally, it’s possible that the gift card code was entered incorrectly, so try again on the Amazon website or upload the code in 2022 using your mobile device’s camera.

Do you wish to learn about additional possible solutions to the Amazon gift card issue? If so, continue reading because I’ll provide you with the complete list and more down the page.

Steps to fix Amazon gift card not working


1.Re-enter the Amazon gift card code manually

If the Amazon gift card isn’t working as expected, you might want to try entering the claim code again in case you entered it incorrectly the first time.

Double-check the numbers and letters, then enter the code again if necessary. For instance, you might have entered a “1” when it should have been a lowercase “l.”

2. Upload Code with a Mobile Camera

Instead of manually entering the information, you might want to see if you can load the balance onto your Amazon account by taking a picture of the Amazon gift card.

Additionally, you can upload the gift card by visiting the redemption page for the gift card, clicking the “Camera” icon, and taking a picture of it with your smartphone.

It’s a fantastic option to try to fix an Amazon gift card because the amount will automatically load onto your account.

3. For a new Amazon gift card, speak with the authorized seller

You must get in touch with the retailer for a replacement card if the gift card is unreadable and you bought it from an authorized seller.

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If you want to get a new card to replace the old one, make sure you have your receipt to prove your purchase.

4. Verify if the gift card has already been redeemed

You should check your Gift Card Balance page for more information as you might be attempting to enter an Amazon gift card that has already been used on your account.

You can check the claim codes you’ve used, for instance, on the Gift Card Balance page. Compare them to the code you’re trying to enter.


5. You’ve Tried to Buy Ineligible Items & Need to Pay Another Way

Certain products, including collectible coins, are not eligible for purchase with Amazon gift cards. Additionally, the gift card cannot be used to buy other gift cards.

As a result, if you’re having problems using your Amazon gift card, double-check that you’re trying to buy things that are permitted and consult the Terms & Conditions for more details.

6. Contact Amazon for Additional Help

You should get in touch with Amazon for more help if the claim code is ever simply invalid or if there’s a problem with the Amazon server.

If the gift card was sent electronically, you will need the claim code, email address, and recipient’s name.


If your gift card isn’t working or can’t be read, contact Amazon or the authorized seller for more help. Other problems might, however, be to blame.

To cancel the Amazon gift card, please read this article on how to cancel the Amazon gift card in 3 simple steps, which is also available on our website.




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