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At Home PCR Testing Kit Vs. Cheapest PCR Test in Dubai?

The new wave of Covid-19 is prevailing all over Gulf, and it’s understandable if you are concerned about the common cold or fever. You never know when an ordinary fever will turn into a covid-19 symptom. Given the current situation, you can’t do anything but be a bit proactive with your health. You definitely won’t like to take off days from your work. What you should do in this situation is to get yourself tested. 


Two options come to mind as soon as you think of testing yourself. One is to rely on an at-home PCR testing kit, and the second is to go with the cheapest PCR Test in Dubai.


The question is, what method should you go for?


If you are confused, it’s time to get details of both methods to find out what would work for you.



At Home PCR Testing Kit


If you need a simple test to find out whether you are infected or not, then a 30-minute or rapid PCR test at home Dubai with a kit might be a good idea. You won’t have to rely on anyone. The complete DIY approach makes it a simple choice.


However, when you ask experts whether you should rely on the results of at-home kits for PCR tests. They would say it’s not that reliable. The results can be affected due to many factors.


For example, this factor can affect the results if you are distracted, like you are using the phone and doing a test. You need to be extra careful with sample collection; if you are somehow distracted, you get a false negative. 


And do you know what it means? It shows that you are infected, but you don’t know that. You will spend money on your kit if it doesn’t offer you the right results. What’s the point of spending money on this cheap covid test in Dubai?


Expert-Administered PCR Test at Home


Whether you like it or not, you are not a medical expert. The idea of testing yourself seems convenient at first but has some shortcomings you can’t avoid at any cost. It’s advisable to go with the cheapest PCR test in Dubai. This method requires you to hire an expert to do the job. You will pay some fees, but it’s worth it because your results from PCR at home Dubai test will be reliable.


You can hire a medical team to perform the test in your space. Today, you can make the most of the Doctor on Call service. It’s so simple to book an appointment. Even you can ask for urgent PCR tests in Dubai.


A medical team will follow industry standards for the collection of samples. They are experts who know the exact procedure to follow to take your sample without distraction and contamination.


Covid-19 Test for Travel


If you question whether an at-home PCR test kit will be effective for you before traveling, then the answer is not. It won’t be. When you plan to travel, you must get yourself tested by a reliable service. In that scenario, the Doctor on call will be pretty helpful. You can ask for the cheapest covid test in Dubai and get results within 24 hours. 


Covid 19 Test for Workplace

When you feel unfit and have symptoms of Covid-19, you can’t stay in your office and continue working, and you need to get yourself tested. In that case, you can go with a kit. But it’s entirely possible that the HR team will ask for the expert-administer test. It would be best if you opted for a certified test so that you can resume your work duties without much hassle.


At Home PCR Test Kit Vs. Expert PCR Test – Which one is Better?


If you ask me the better option, I will go with the expert one. It’s because you have no idea how to take the sample correctly. A kit comes with instructions but doesn’t make you an expert in handling this task. You should rethink if you think you save money by relying on a home PCR test kit. 


Well, it might be cost-effective initially, but if it brings false negatives, the situation goes south. You think that you don’t have covid and keep working. As a result, you expose others and your family to health issues. 


Do you want that? Of course, you won’t. So, consider this option’s pros and cons before going with it. 


Besides, when you can make the most of the cheapest PCR test in Dubai at your home or in the office via a Doctor on call service, relying on over-the-counter is a mistake, which you should avoid. Always make the right and intelligent choice because it’s a matter of health and safety.

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