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Ideal Attractions in Silver Sands Beach in Jeddah on Your Way Back from Umrah

Have you ever performed Umrah? Or have you ever been to Jeddah? If yes, then Silver Sands Beach is the destination you might have missed. If not, then it is the destination you must visit. You can avail of double destination deals with 10 nights Umrah packages and some nights to spend in Jeddah to visit this spectacular place on your way back after Umrah. Except for the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia has several other outclass destinations for you to explore. Silver Sands Beach in Jeddah is a wonderful beach ideal for spending time with loved ones. It is a pristine beach with private access that add to the entire feel. Sunsets on the beach are soothing, with blue waves splashing the coastline. The beach has comfortable couches and chairs, as well as magnificent and peaceful views. Vacationers may participate in a variety of water sports such as parasailing and snorkeling. Furthermore, the beach provides access to enthralling coral reefs as well as undersea aquatic life.

Where It Is Located and What Are Its Timings?

The Silver Sands Beach is located in Al Lulu, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street. It stretches all along the Red Sea coast and therefore is easily accessible by public and private road transportation. Tourists may taste local food by visiting the various cafés and restaurants located around the beach. Kiaora, Nando’s Red Sea Mall, Fuddruckers, Al Qalzam Fisheries, Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse, and Al Gabbiano Restaurant are among the best ones. The beach is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. all day every day. it is one of Saudi Arabia’s most stunning beaches. It has opulent amenities, dressing rooms, restrooms, and a variety of services. This iconic beach has become a popular destination for travelers looking to experience activities such as snorkeling, swimming, as well as other water activities in the ocean. Here are some of the best attractions of Silver Sands beach:

Luxurious Cruises

A variety of luxury yachts are accessible at the shore, providing an exciting cruise adventure. Tourists can reserve one of these boats to sail on the glistening waters of the Red Sea. The crew on these cruises is kind and accommodating. Lunch may be served aboard the yacht, and exquisite Arabian food can be enjoyed in the middle of the ocean. In fact, fishing aficionados can compete in friendly tournaments with other tourists to show off their talents.

Swimming & Snorkeling

Snorkeling along the shore gives you a glimpse of the beauties of undersea marine species. The sport necessitates the use of an eye mask, snorkeling gear, and fins. It’s a great pastime for folks who aren’t sure about their swimming abilities but would like to experience the sea. Swimmers, on the other hand, have a superb prospect to plunge into the Arabian Sea due to the incredibly clear Arabian seas. To minimize tragedies all water sports must be performed under the close supervision of specialists.

Parasailing And Jet Skiing

Jet skiing at Silver Sands Beach is the supreme experience. One may enjoy a calm sea ride with turquoise waves and sparkling golden sand on the beach. Jet skiing is an exciting way to make memorable moments with friends and family. The beach also has leisure pastimes such as parasailing, which involves being trailed alongside a boat tied to a parachute that resembles a canopy wing. People who are fascinated by a flying can fly at great heights with an extended parachute. This activity is a once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to the bustling coastal belt and a great local ambiance.

Play Areas on the Beach

It includes a spacious play area wherein children and adults may play games and spend time together as a family. It contains a well-constructed volleyball arena, a trampoline, and several activity centers where you can have a laugh and spend valuable time with family and friends. On the seaside, one may jog beside the golden grains of sand or construct a castle. As the sun sets at the end of the day, one can take in the gorgeous color that spreads across the horizon.

Things To Remember When Visiting the Beach

There are a number of considerations that both local and foreign tourists should bear in mind when touring Silver Sands Beach:

  • Bring sunscreen as well as use it liberally to prevent sunburns.
  • To prevent long lines at the ticket desks, get your tickets ahead of time.
  • Carry some comfy footwear, such as flip-flops, to thoroughly enjoy the seashore activities.
  • Observing social decorum. International tourists are not permitted to exhibit displays of affection.

Summing Up

For several years, Jeddah, often known as the “Paris of Arabia,” has served as a meeting point for visitors and pilgrims. It is among the handful of cities in the region that was designed with its past in mind. The Silver Sands Beach, while being a little out of the way from the Jeddah Center, is a lovely opulent area that does not discourage holidaymakers. If you wish to experience a calm and restful day, it is the place to go. Furthermore, it is an optimal solution to escape from daily work problems. Therefore, if you are coming to perform Umrah then you must not forget to visit Silver Sands Beach. There are several travel agencies offering the best and top-class deals, you should grab your keeping in view your budget and firm’s reputation

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