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Basic Window Cleaning Tools

We are going to recommend the best tools that you can rely on for professional cleaning of crystals and vitrified surfaces. And you have all these claims at your disposal on

Being a good tool is not everything, but almost. With bad resources it costs a lot to get good results, you lose time and money and you also lose your reputation.

Having good tools says a lot about your professionalism.

Basic tools for professional glass cleaning

It cannot be cleaned effectively without water and detergent. So the first thing to do when cleaning a high-rise window is wet and dry is to have a good glass bucket and a good quick-drying windscreen detergent. This will make the glass shine as well as leave a pleasant scent.

Moisten the glass and clean it at the same time. To be able to soak the glass with water and detergent, a microfiber soaker is necessary, which can be washed 800 times. With a comfortable velcro closure. Now that you have the glass well leathered, you need a good kontor rengøring guide for rubber lips.

It is very important that these tires are of good quality and replace them as soon as they break down. Rubber spare parts for window wiper guides.

From time to time you will need a good cloth and especially to remove corner

, profiles and dirty water residue. A 2-in-1 glass cleaning cloth is especially recommended. Along with the two sides of different textures, a pressed microfiber that moistens the surface, pulls dirt, and the other side of suede leather that dries and polishes.

As you can find everything, for example bird droppings and stuck paper.

It is difficult to remove with just water and detergent. It is good to have a utensil bag where you can keep a scraper with its extra blades.

A more basic paper is a good roll. You will often need to clean the scraper or especially the glass cleaning guide to leave it as good as new.

Special tools for some window cleaning jobs.

There are jobs that require special resources. Mainly because glass cleaning is done at a certain height and windows need to be suspended from baskets or safety ropes or because they are too high and require stairs. ] Good safety precautions are essential in these jobs. We have an innovation for you and this is Easy clean squeegee which is a very practical 2 in 1. On the same handle, there is a 40 cm squeegee on one side. There is a 40 cm rubber scraper to clean the glass and dry it on the other side.

Our Video: Glass Cleaning Products Remember that if you have any questions on you can solve them. Or contact us for the option of your choice, you have it all on our customer service page. We will be happy to help you



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