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Benefits of IGCSE Curriculum from Private School in KL?

If you are considering taking the IGCSE then we give you the reassurance that you are on the right track to achieving your educational goals and we are providing you with some more reasons to clear your doubts if any.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is 30 ear old curriculum developed by Cambridge University Examinations internationally recognised as a highly-respected high school qualification for aged (14-16) known as the gateway to higher education abroad. It is a 2-year program where students get the freedom to choose from 70 subjects including 30 languages.  

How to choose your IGCSE subjects

Students have to choose a minimum of 5 or 6  subjects out of which (English, Science and Math) are compulsory.

Students’ subject choices should be based on their interests, higher studies and career goals. Also while selecting subjects make sure you create the perfect mix of core and extended and top-ranking universities will consider overall performance and not the number of subjects.

Why IGCSE curriculum from IGCSE Primary School is best? 

Globally recognized qualification

Being globally recognised qualification all over the world, students get the added advantage of getting admission into Top colleges and universities for higher education.

Skill Development

Their curriculum focuses on various skill development from critical, creative thinking to problem-solving, enquiry based learning. Students become more adaptive and have easy transitions to any curriculums in future. IGCSE subjects and skills prepare students for the 21st-century competitive world.

The IGCSE curriculum develops the love for learning in students making them independent learners which is an important trait for higher education and in life, in general, to be disciplined and responsible for their own learning. 

 Perfect for students of different abilities

In Private School in KL students get the opportunity to explore their subjects at the core (basic) and extended (high) levels. Students get the freedom to choose the subjects of different difficulty levels and challenge their abilities helping them to know their strengths and weakness.

Wide Variety of Options

Students have 5 subjects groups languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, creative and vocational and many options to choose from. 

 Assessment Style

In the IGCSE curriculum, the assessment is done to check students’ skills and knowledge, unique learning styles and abilities. 

Practical approach towards learning 

IGCSE build practical skills such as analytical, communication, and cognitive skills which is leads to practical approaches towards learning and implementing it in various situations in life.

Why IGCSE from Private School in KL?

There are endless reasons to choose a Private school but we are focusing on important essential points and that is:-

Teacher Student Ratio

Private School has a lower Teacher-student ratio which means more personalized attention to each student helping students to sort queries on one on one basis.

Professional Teachers

Private schools select teachers who are professionally qualified and experienced, highly efficient and given regular training so that they can upgrade their knowledge skills and be updated with trending things in their sectors and how they can improve their teaching styles. 


IGCSE Primary School is known for everything but mostly safety and security as they are highly equipped with hi technologies to promote the safety of children. For eg:- Real-time pick up and drop alerts, CCTV installations in all premises, proper background checkup of the school faculties and other members etc.

Parents Involvement

The important thing that public school misses is the involvement of parents in children’s education which private school does. They involve parents in various activities and conduct special meetings with each parent on a one-on-one basis which leads to positive relationships between teachers and parents. 


The best part of the private school is the Bilingual education program where students learn not only in their main language but also learn other languages as well.  It opens them the opportunity to meet other students from different backgrounds, understand their culture, improve their perspective and make them globally aware.


Private school is community students, teachers, faculties and parents who work towards providing holistic education and preparing the young generations for the future.


Private School in KL is known for various facilities and resources such as 40+ skills-based studios, Digital classrooms, Student Innovation Rooms

Britannica Learning Zone, Montessori Laboratory, Play Area and Music Room for Kindergarten, Library, IT and Math Lab, Audio-Visual Room, Separate Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Multi-purpose Hall, Yoga Room and Mahatma Gandhi Center for Universal Value.

Networking opportunities

Private school students have the benefit of networking with other students, teachers, guest speakers, alumni which lead to career opportunities down the line.


In a nutshell, the IGCSE from IGCSE Primary School is a well-recognized curriculum for students and is the perfect choice to develop various skills and gain the knowledge needed for higher education, career and life.



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