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Best Age for a Student to Start Going to an Indian School?

It may be hard to decide the right age for a child to start going to school. In India, there are various boards, but there are two national boards, namely the ICSE and the CBSE, several state boards, and some pre-school courses and curricula.

If you are a parent and are not sure when to send your child to an Indian school, this article can help you in many ways. Every board has different age criteria for admission into class 1 and below categories, but you need at what age your child is comfortable attending a school.

The Right Age for a Child to Begin Going to an Indian School

It is easy to get confused when you check that each board has various age criteria for admission into different classes. Ideally, your child will have some checkpoints to achieve things slowly and steadily before they can hold a pencil or a notebook.

Some pointers show the teachers, parents, and doctors that the child grows typically physically and mentally. The pointers are as follows:

  • 2-3 months: Social smile, a child begins to respond by smiling.
  • 3-4 months: Holding neck when they are held up in the lap.
  • 7-8 months: They sit without support
  • 11-12 months: They begin to stand without support. This can indicate if they need to be sent to a Dubai secondary school.

Things that a Baby Needs to be Able to Do at Two Years of Age before They Are Sent to Indian School

A baby can do the following at two years of age:

  • They take an interest in colours and pictures in a picture book.
  • They can say what they want in their language.
  • They can repeat words that are said by others
  • They can point to some of the parts of their body
  • Two to three years may be perfect for reading words by pointing to charts or pictures in picture books.

You can conclude that two to three years is the perfect age for a child to go to a play school. This age may not be suitable for taking admission to Indian schools.

Things That a Baby Can Do at 3 to 4 Years

A child can do the following at three to four years of age:

  • They can throw a ball or other things overhand
  • They can start to answer simple questions like “What is your name?”
  • They can also put things away easily
  • They can start to name a few colours.

Three to four years of age is the best time to start going to a nursery in a Dubai secondary school.

Things that a Child Can Do between Six to Seven Years, and what Activities Can They Perform?

Some of the things that a child can do between six to seven years of age are as follows:

  • They can start to eat on their own when there are no parents
  • They can also understand the instructions that are given to a group of children
  • They are also capable of making friends and are progressive regarding friends, teachers, and parents.
  • They can also understand different emotions and behaviours.

They become more mature at this age, and six years may be the best stage for your child to start attending classes in Dubai secondary schools.

Make the right academic choice

Before you opt to get your child admitted to any reputed Indian school in Dubai, you must keep the above points in mind. You must know when your child is ready to go to school so that they do not encounter any problems over there.

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