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Best Dramas Aired in Taiwan History

Gimy is the website of 2017, with the release of The Teenage Psychic, and again in 2018, with the release of On Children, there was a stirring of fresh interest in drama coming from Taiwan. But it was the events of the last two years, when consumers found themselves desiring more entertainment amid pandemic lockdowns, that resulted in a large number of made-in-Taiwan shows making their way to new audiences throughout the globe.

The recent comeback of Taiwan as a major production center of Mandarin-language drama series has been largely attributed to the success of high-profile titles such as The World Between Us, Nowhere Man, The Victims’ Game, Detention, Trinity Of Shadows, More Than Blue: The Series, and Light The Night.

All of these titles and many more are currently available for streaming worldwide on HBO Asia or Netflix. In addition, the anthology film Twisted Strings, which was executive produced by the director of The Assassin, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, will have its world premiere on March 27 simultaneously on HBO Asia and Catchplay.

中國人線上看 Back in the early 2000s, Taiwanese drama was all the rage, until mainland Chinese and Korean dramas came out to seize the crown as the most popular kind of drama. Meteor Garden, which premiered in 2001 and became an instant hit, marked the beginning of a golden period for idol dramas on mainstream television in Chinese-speaking areas and the Chinese diaspora prior to the introduction of over-the-top (OTT) services. Gb whatsapp Dwonload

Despite the fact that Taiwan continues to produce a large number of school romance and youth dramas, local producers now have access to an additional source of revenue in the form of lucrative OTT licensing fees. This enables them to strive for larger production budgets, higher production values, and to explore new genres for audiences in other countries. Bigg Boss 16 Live

The emphasis has turned more and more toward high-concept thrillers and crime dramas since these types of stories are more likely to be intriguing and to appeal to viewers outside of their target demographic. The second season of The Victims’ Game is currently being developed by Greener Grass Production, which has its headquarters in Taipei. The company’s most recent production, Copycat Killer, which is based on the best-selling Japanese crime novel Mohohan, will make its worldwide debut on Netflix later this year.

Eric Chou of Greener Grass Production, who brokered the deals for the thriller as well as Copycat Killer with Netflix along with executive producer Hank Tsang, stated that “The Victims’ Game was so successful that it became the first Chinese-language production that Netflix renewed.” Hank Tsang was also involved in the negotiations for both of the shows.

Chou identifies a significant factor that plays a role in the flourishing economy of Taiwan. He argues that people in Taiwan appreciate the autonomy of the creative process. We are not obligated to self-regulate our speech. There is no limit to the subject matter that may be covered, not only romance and crime, but also LGBTQ+ and horror, all of which are banned in China.

CJ ENM HK, the regional office of the Korean media conglomerate CJ ENM, has also begun to collaborate with Taiwanese creators for premium Mandarin-language series. This is in addition to Catchplay, HBO Asia, and Netflix, which have been the most active in the acquisition, production, and distribution of Taiwanese drama series.

楓林網 Its first Taiwanese series, a romantic comedy called Mom, Don’t Do That, has been picked up by Netflix exclusively for worldwide audiences this year. In addition, the crime thriller The Amazing Grace of, which had its first two episodes premiere at Series Mania in September of last year, is also scheduled to be released this year.

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