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Best Exercises to do at Home With a Personal Trainer

Exercising in a gym can be a daunting task for some people. A better alternative to the gym is working out at home. It’s comfortable and clean, and you don’t have to listen to loud tunes all around you. When you work out at home, your personal trainer helps you by providing a workout with virtually no equipment. Say goodbye to bulky fitness equipment and use what’s available to you at home. You can contact the best personal training Sunshine Coast and inquire about the fitness program you should follow. This should be done keeping in mind your current weight, your current body condition and if you have any medical conditions.

Do these exercises at home to get a rocking body.


Push-ups are a classic and very effective exercise. They work the chest, arm and back muscles. It also burns belly fat and allows you to slim your belly. When you do push-ups, your personal trainer pays attention to your posture, because posture is everything. Extend your legs and push your body down in a straight line until your chest lightly touches the floor, then straighten up. Remember to keep your back straight, breathing in on the way down and breathing out on the way up. This strengthens not only the legs and fists, but also the entire hamstring.

Knee bends

Squats are the easiest and quickest way to get a firm, round butt. They work the hips, hamstrings and glutes. Your personal trainer will explain the different squat variations you can perform once you master the beginner squat. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly lower your glutes to the floor, keeping your back straight.


Planks are the most effective and easiest exercise. They work the entire body. Strengthens core muscles and helps reduce waist size by targeting the inner abdominal muscles. Strengthens the back, shoulders, arms and legs. To perform a simple plank, lie down on a yoga mat, keeping your elbows parallel to your shoulders and your forearms flat. You can also make a fist with your hands. Extend your legs, stand on tiptoe and keep your body weight in a straight line from head to toe. Planks strengthen the stomach and legs and are also good for the back.


Burpees are the best exercise for a full body workout. They involve every muscle in the body. Your personal trainer will tell you how to do the perfect burpee. Lie down on a yoga mat, do push-ups and jump forward while standing. With your arms in the air, do a small jump and return to the starting position. All sequences should be performed with smooth movements. Burpees help you lose body weight faster and also keep your core in good shape.


Lunges are the best way to work your lower body muscles. There are many variations of lunges. A classic lunge involves a straight stance with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend the right foot forward and lower the body, shifting the weight of the body to the right foot. Keep the left foot perpendicular to the floor so that the left knee lightly touches the floor. Stand up and repeat the exercise with the other foot. Ask your personal trainer to explain the different variations of the chasse stride, such as step strides, side-to-side strides, strides and lunges.


Mountaineering helps build endurance and strengthens the core. It strengthens the back, quads and core. Get into a plank position with your arms parallel to your shoulders and your legs straight so your body is in a straight line. Bring your knee as close to your chest as possible, keeping your back straight and your hips low. Alternate knees and breathe between them. Increase the pace as you understand the movement to increase your heart rate. This can be an alternative to strenuous exercise at the gym.

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