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Best Tips to Keep Your Gym Bag Clean & Clear

Gym bags should be cleaned often like other bags. Your bag carries everything from sweaty clothes to post-workout snacks and wet towels. Most exposure, as well as an environment full of germ surfaces, lead to an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

And it is not at all surprising, the best bag for gym and work puts in hard work just like you. When your gym bag follows you from spinning to yoga to CrossFit, it will surely get dirty.

For many, the key to maintaining the cleanliness of your gym bag and functioning is keeping it organized.

You might have been taught in your school class also that keeping your bag organized is very important because this way you can keep your bag clean.

Many recommend using smaller travel bags to keep items organized as well as messes contained.

Plus, separating your used clothes from the cleaned ones in your gym bag will keep other contents clean. A wet bag for sweaty post-yoga clothes as well as a cloth bag for dry clothes to change afterward.

Listed below are some tips to help you wash your Best Backpack for gym and work conveniently without any hassle.

Take out Everything from The Bag & Clean It Properly

Take everything out from your gym bag. That involves your gym clothes, socks, things for your hygiene, and even small items like toffees and lipsticks. If there is any removal piece located on the bottom of your gym bag to make it more studied, remove it as well.

Take out all your belongings from the gym bag and keep them in your plastic bag. This way, you can wash everything properly and put it back in the bag.

Furthermore, you won’t lose anything essential. If you see any dirt in your workout items, clean it as well. Avoid keeping any dirt in the items present in your best crossfit gym bag.

1. Prepare Your Bag Properly for Washing

Prefer using your hands only to brush off loose, exterior dirt. Plus, remove all the loose threads or fibers close to the zipping areas.

2. Check the Bag’s Care Labels Before Washing It

Read the instructions properly before washing the bag so that you don’t affect the beauty and life span of the bag by soaking it in the wrong way.

3. Use Lukewarm Water

Prepare sufficient lukewarm water as it will help to kill the germs as well as bacteria living in your gym bag. Take note, the temperature of the water should not be extremely hot, it should be bearable with your hands. Be careful, don’t end up burning your hands in the process.

4. Wash Bag with Mild Soap

Properly wash your gym bag with mild soap and warm water as well. Ensure to wash every corner of your gym bag including the small pockets inside or out.

5. Scrub Your Bag Properly with a Soft Brush Or Rag

Prefer cleaning your bag with a soft brush or rag. It will help you clean areas that are specifically dirty, and a rag is suited better for cleaning the bag.

6. Rinse Thoroughly

After rubbing soap in the entire body of the bag, rinse your best gym bag with shoes compartment thoroughly. Rinse out any detergent or soap with lukewarm water to avoid any soapy residue.

7. Air Dry It

After washing the bag, air dry it by keeping it on top of a flat surface with a towel underneath. It is not suggested for gym bags to be dried in a washing machine because it can affect the quality of the product.

8. Wipe It with An Antibacterial Wipe

Once it is dried, wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe. Ensure that you wipe every part of the bag including the pockets, handles, and bottom as well.

What if Your Bag or Yoga Mat Can’t Go In The Washing Machine?

If you find that your gym bag or yoga mat is not machine washable, don’t worry. Washing your hands may take longer but it is still very effective. Pour your favorite soap into a bowl with warm water.

Dip a towel or rag into the diluted mixture and then wipe the interior as well as the exterior of your bag with the damp cloth. Once you are done cleaning it with soap, make sure to take another clean rap and water to clean off the residue.

For an extra unbearable smell, spray Lysol. It will take the foul smell away. Lysol not only removes the bad odor but also removes all the unwanted bacteria lurking in and around the bag.

Lastly, do not roll up your mat and stick it in the corner until your next class gets started. Rather, ensure it dries completely before putting it away after class.

The biggest error that people make is not giving sufficient time for their mat to dry out after class. Your mat would need some time to breathe and air out.

By using the above-mentioned tips, you can surely clean your bag and make it ready to tackle your next workout.

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