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Bucket list every High school student should have!

High School is the most challenging and yet memorable phase of a student’s life. They face many changes, responsibilities and new experiences, but these changes add value in their life and prepare them for the competitive world.

Here is a Bucket List Every High School in Singapore must do!

Apply For a Internship or Part time Job

If students manage their time wisely then they can get a time to do part time or internship which will give them professional experience to apply to their favorite company plus they will be able to earn extra money to fulfill their goals. It prepares them for the corporate setting, and is an added advantage that makes a resume standout!

Learn Skills

If you are interested in acquiring skills that will help you outshine others, then you should definitely dedicate time to acquire it. Best Secondary School in Singapore is the place to improve yourself in all the fields and showcase to the world that you can do much more than academics.

Learn Another Language

If your school already has other language options then go for it or else learn from joining other classes, other resources etc. It will make you globally competitive and you can be chosen by your future employer for global collaboration projects. 

Participate in Extracurricular activities

Students should definitely participate in extracurricular activities in High School in Singapore to release their stress of academic pressure by choosing the sports of their interest or by participating in arts, music or dance to showcase their potential.

Participate in Community Service

Doing something for the community and environment is the best way to improve your weightage. Tree plantation, raising funds, blood donation camps, helping underprivileged people, etc., not only help you to learn good values but also learn the art of empathy, sustainable living and figure out innovatives ideas to help people around us. 

Creating awareness among others about the environmental issues and how to adopt sustainable living by recycling papers, saving water, using eco-friendly things etc

can help people to change their lifestyle and will be able to create a global impact! You never know in the process of doing all these activities might figure your purpose in life and add meaning to your life.

Gain Knowledge through Experiences

Life is not about gaining bookish knowledge but gaining life skills and experience that sets you apart from others. Prepare yourself in such a manner where you do not have to rely on others, where you can do anything from skills and experience you gained in Best Secondary School in Singapore in order to create your independent path.

Find your Mentor

It is necessary to have a mentor or follow an inspirational personality so that they can guide or motivate you throughout your life. Find someone you can look up to and have undergone a similar path that you are taking. Research and learn more about them and follow their values, it will help to stay motivated in challenging times.

Fulfill your wishes

Meanwhile, in the stress of the academic year, do not forget to enjoy your life. Make a list of things you want to do and fulfill them balancing your time as it will keep you happy which will help to concentrate more in other areas of life.


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