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Buying guide for the Best Inverter Battery

It is no doubt that the best inverter battery is very crucial to your phone battery life. The battery can get completely depleted after charging or discharging or when you are out of power on some other device. An inverter for the home & battery is basically a rechargeable battery pack that stores the energy that your smartphone needs. You can see the list of best inverters & batteries along with full reviews in our Topthingz for best reviews. This means that you have to recharge the battery at regular intervals to ensure its full use and avoid overcharging or over-discharging. You can get inverter battery packs from different companies to cater to your needs. These batteries can be easily replaced so that you do not lose them even if you stop using the same phone model for a certain time period. They also come with a pre-installed charger and smart battery controller. If you prefer to start from scratch, you can save a lot of money by assembling the battery. Apart from these, every inverter battery comes with extra features like wireless charging, reverse charge, etc. So, you have to find out the details carefully before choosing any brand of inverter battery.

Different inverter batteries

There are several types of inverter batteries and they consist of various features depending upon the type of battery. Some have larger capacities than others. There are two main kinds of inverters in our list that you should check it. Those are simple and large inverters.

Simpler inverter battery

These batteries are simpler but they have higher voltages. They tend to last longer as compared to bigger batteries as well. These batteries come under 25 volts for normal usage and over 25 volts for heavy loads. They come in 2 variants – 50,000 mAh or 500,000 mAh and both offer good performance and efficiency. All the users can use one kind of small battery without worrying about the size as they just require less power. To increase their capacity, manufacturers put additional components on the batteries which have more power output. But you cannot install all the extra pieces. It’s like putting up a wall. Hence it becomes difficult for the user to upgrade the capacity in such cases.

Medium inverter battery

Medium inverter batteries are used to store enough power and hence can replace the battery on the iPhone 13 series. These are usually recommended when you want to use multiple devices on a single cell. But when you charge multiple phones, the risk of overcharging the battery increases. A medium inverter battery will allow the maximum power supply for up to 20 watts with minimal use, while a big inverter battery needs more power. Generally speaking, medium inverter battery requires smaller spaces and does not have a problem fitting into the back of the phone. On the contrary, a larger inverter battery only provides adequate power for short-term usage, i.e., a few days. Therefore, it’s advisable to look at a medium inverter battery if you have limited data storage and need maximum power on a single device.

Larger inverter battery

The larger inverter batteries are suitable for most of smartphones as well as other gadgets as they produce sufficient power. However, there are many advantages of a large inverter battery over small inverter battery. There is almost nothing to be worried about the size of the battery. When you get the large inverter battery you need not worry about the space and the weight too. Whereas a small battery requires extra space. Also, big battery does not demand much power, unlike a small battery. Additionally, the battery has a wide range and gives you ample juice for almost 8 days.

You need to have a decent knowledge of tech or science to enjoy huge benefits in case of a large battery. For example, when you charge your Samsung S20+, then, it charges other devices like apple watch, iPhone 11, and many other devices. We would discuss the top 5 models of Samsung Galaxy S20+ next week

As seen above, the bigger battery is quite more efficient than the smaller ones. Not only the charge and discharge process of the battery but also how much power it holds, it depends upon the usage conditions and other factors. Though each company makes its own inverter battery, there are three common models of inverter battery – Li-ion, Nickel GEM, and NiMH, both have separate functions.

How does the small battery work?

The smaller the size of the battery is, the better for you as the battery is easy to swap, which makes it cheaper to keep. Smaller the size batteries also cost lesser, they’re cheap to maintain and have a longer lifespan than the bigger ones. But they take lots of space due to their small size.

When we talk about a small battery, it refers to an inverter battery with a 1 kWh capacity. It is mostly used when you want to run 4-5 mobile apps or multiple applications simultaneously. That’s why you don’t need a big battery as per your requirement. If you are looking for a 100-1000 mAH battery for your device, it can only deliver 800 to 900 mAH. If you are thinking about getting an inverter battery with 2000 mAH capacity, you need to go for 1800 mAh, it would cost around Rs.50,000. If you are looking for a 50-100 kWh battery, it can only deliver 600 mAH. Many popular brands offer 300mA, so there are two options – 1800mA or 3000mAH. The other option is 10000-1kWh, so it’s better to choose the one according to your requirements and budget.


It’s always important to have proper knowledge about your device, especially about the inverter or the battery capacity and quality. This way, when you have to buy a new device, you won’t face trouble because the device you buy is compatible with the existing battery. As in today’s digital era where technology is increasing day by day, the smartphone industry has been developing fast and so smartphones need more features to improve the overall experience. At the end of the day, it is very important to buy the right battery for your phone. Here you can read the detailed information regarding the battery capacity and price of inverter batteries as well as their components.

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