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Career and Scope of work of Pharmacy Technicians

Medicine has been practiced for ages, and now it is more developed than ever before. There are many aspects of the medical field that have jointly contributed to making it what it is; such as medical practitioners, doctors, nurses, helpers, etc. Here we should remember a very important and related field – pharmacy. It is a critical aspect of modern medicine, and the pillar of this segment is the pharmacy technician who has opted for a pharmacy career. He is a person who assists pharmacists in several areas such as giving prescribed medicines and medical devices to the patients, clinical trials, storage and medicine management, etc. They work in various settings, including hospital pharmacies, local medical shops, community centers, and pharmaceutical plants. 

Responsibilities of the pharma technician: 

  1. Accepting prescriptions and giving required medicines, after checking them for accuracy.
  2. Maintaining records of patients’ history while keeping confidentiality within HIPAA regulations.
  3. Filling medical prescriptions and attaching labels.
  4. Checking patients’ medicines for accuracy.
  5. Delivering quality and dedicated service to patients.
  6. Performing audits, ordering, and checking supplies of medicines, etc.


  1. 10 +2 or diploma. 
  2. Pharmacy technician certification course.
  3. Excellent interaction skills.
  4. Basic computer knowledge.
  5. Basic aptitude knowledge.
  6. Experience working in a busy environment.
  7. Customer service experience.


  1.  Pharmacists:He is authorized and accountable to all undertakings of pharmacies like storage, distribution of medicines, packing, etc. Moreover, he should have proper knowledge of medicines and their side effects and should be available to attend to queries about the medicines. 
  2.  Pharmacy technician: The primary role of a pharmacy technician is to check the prescription, check the correct medicine for the right patient, manage inventory, manage sterile and non-sterile medications, etc. They work under the supervision of pharmacists.
  3. Pharmacy assistants: He works under the supervision of both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and the role is the same as that of a technician. He cannot check and supervise anybody in the pharmacy, and also, he is not responsible for anybody’s action in selling the drugs.

As pharmacy personnel play a significant role in society, they are also subject to specific rules and regulations. Therefore, one practicing this profession should be very cautious and not go beyond the boundaries laid by the government for smooth and better practices in the pharmacy business.

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Finally, aspiring pharmacy personnel should be very careful about the correct and prominent advertising of the pharmacy practice. They should adopt an honest and transparent approach to avoid any complications and issues that can affect the smooth functioning of the business. If these people want to run this business in Australia, they must abide by all the rules laid down by authorities to avoid any problem in future. For more information about how you can become a pharmaceutical representative, you can get in touch with an expert who will guide you about the whole process.

With the advancement of time and technological improvements, the scope of pharmacy technicians became more varied, lucrative, and expansive. They are deployed for various tasks in multiple locations like community, compound, medical units, military, government, private sector, etc. Pharmacy technicians can become experts by pursuing higher certification. Moreover, they can work in research laboratories and research centers which will also be rewarding. 

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