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Carpet cleaning has become necessary… Read why?

What Carpets and rugs decorate spaces, provide warmth and give a special touch to the home, however, they tend to accumulate bacteria and germs. Are the ones you have clean? Perhaps due to lack of time, because of their large size, or because of ignorance, they are not cleaned as often as necessary.

Precisely, thinking about the well-being of your family and that of all the elements of your home, we want to offer you some recommendations for the proper cleaning of your carpets and rugs.

To begin with, keep in mind that rugs are those that can be lifted and rugs are those that are glued to the floor. Was this information clear? Although it seems like a minor detail, it is important when cleaning these elements

How to take care of carpets at home? 

In your home, you have the possibility of establishing habits that help you maintain your carpets or rugs. For example, encourage yourself to vacuum them often and avoid direct sunlight. In addition, it is advisable to change their position from time to time, not to smoke on top of them, and avoid wearing shoes on these surfaces.

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How often should carpets be cleaned? 

From muddy shoes to food stains, pet hair, or the dreaded red wine stain, our carpets get a lot of grime daily, so it’s important to clean them often.

Floor carpets covers the whole area in just one piece of carpet. Wall to wall carpet in Dubai creates a lovely and decent look on a floor. The floor carpet is attached to the floor with the help of gum around the corners so the carpet cannot move. At Grass carpet, we have an unlimited collection of carpets to choose from.

Carpets have a useful life of 10 to 20 years, to preserve them it is necessary to clean them weekly or fortnightly, it all depends on the exposure they may have and if there are minors or pets in the home.

With what to clean carpets and rugs at home? 

The vacuum cleaner is your friend! Add it to your usual cleaning routine because it is the best option to remove the dust that accumulates on carpets and rugs. Another alternative is the carpet cleaning machine, which also helps you with this household task. Or you just can hire the best carpet cleaning Perth services to clean and disinfect your carpet.

Did your baby spill food on the carpet? When you have grease stains, it can be useful to spread a little cornstarch or baking soda and salt on the surface. Let the components act for about an hour. Then vacuum very well to remove any accumulated dust and get a better smell.

Why is it necessary to wash carpets periodically?

It is very common to overlook the cleaning and washing of rugs, carpets, upholstery, and fabrics when doing the usual cleaning, giving greater importance to other things such as the sanitization and disinfection of toilets, countertops, and other kitchen elements, in which everyone As we know, a large number of harmful agents concentrate and proliferate, and insects such as ants and cockroaches can even nest.

However, manual cleaning and daily care of carpets is something that is usually left for last without taking into account that these types of surfaces and elements can contain up to 200,000 bacteria per inch, affecting this type of dirt on people’s health who live, work or use the spaces in which they fit.

Cleaning carpets is just as important because according to some studies carried out, poor sanitation of this type of surface can generate, in addition to bacteria, poor ambient air quality inside the home or premises, which can be even worse than polluted outdoor air.

You may save yourself from a lot of back pain and your time by hiring Carpet Cleaning Perth Company instead of doing the work yourself. You should, however, make sure that you pick a reputable and competent steam cleaning service to do the job.

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