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Chainsaws were Originally Invented for helping with Childbirth

What was the original use of a chainsaw? Chainsaws were invented to help with childbirth. Despite the fact that giving birth is still a challenging and stressful event for mothers, the development of opioid painkillers like morphine, fentanyl, nalbuphine, and butorphanol as well as the adoption of proper cleaning techniques have made giving birth much safer than it was in the past. 1

For instance, a skilled cow-castrator who operated on his wife documented the first successful cesarian section (C-section) in Switzerland in the 1500s. Historians still debate the veracity of his narrative today, despite the fact that he wrote about the incident 82 years after it allegedly occurred. This lingering scepticism is due to the fact that not only did the mother and kid recover from the surgery, but also, according to the surgeon, the infant lived for an additional 77 years. In a time when many people did not live past the age of forty, this places both the child and the man at very advanced ages.

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Why did people create chainsaws?

After reading the title, you’re probably immediately squeezing your knees together, but the chainsaw was first created to help with childbirth. Prior to the widespread usage of caesarian sections, all babies had to be delivered via birth canal. Which makes perfect sense.

However, as we all know, breech or huge babies may become obstructed in the area. Parts of the bone and cartridge were removed to give the infant more room when they couldn’t fit through or would get stuck in the pelvis. “Symphysiotomy” is the term used for this.

Originally, the technique was done by hand with a small knife and saw to cut off the bone. Without using any anaesthetic, all of this was performed on a pregnant woman. It was messy, it took a while, and it was painful.

How Chanisaws Are used presently?

Since then, chainsaws have developed into what we know today after becoming portable, gaining electric motors and power sources. Thankfully, slashing humans is not one of its many other functions in modern society. Well, aside from scary films.The use of the chainsaw for other procedures, such as the removal of diseased bone, was also common.

People eventually realised how well these tools worked for chopping wood. So, roughly 100 years after the invention of the medical chainsaw, the enormous monstrosities as we know them now emerged. A contemporary version of the bone-cutting tool, sometimes known as an osteotome, is still employed in other medical procedures even though it is no longer utilised during childbirth.

There you have it, then. Remember that a chainsaw was first created to assist in the creation of life the next time you consider using one. It’s actually not that terrifying.


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