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Cheap fence ideas to do yourself

Are you planning to install a garden fence? Whether it is to protect you from prying eyes or to work on your landscaping, the choice of fence is very wide. So for an installation in your image and on a low budget, we give you inexpensive do-it-yourself fence ideas.

1) Build a reclaimed wood fence

Nothing better for a DIY and ecological outdoor layout than using reclaimed wood to make your fence yourself. And for that, you are spoiled for choice!

A pallet fence

First idea: use wooden pallets to make a reclaimed wood fence! Extremely simple to achieve, this solution can bring a rural and welcoming spirit to your exterior. To do this, all you have to do is fix your pallets on the floor and customize them as you wish. You can opt for a coat of paint; a few climbing plants or even leave them raw for a guaranteed natural and vintage effect.

For more original pallet fences, you can even work directly on the structure of the pallet using only a few blades. Let your creativity speak for a rendering 100% in your image.

Be careful if your ground is loose and not straight, we advise you to embed posts in your ground to fix your pallets. To do this, dig holes at the ends of your fence panels. Then install the posts and pour concrete in the holes to freeze them.

Reuse tree branches

Do you live in the forest? Take the opportunity to use materials from your environment for a fence that blends into the landscape!

For a branch fence, all you need to do is get long, fairly flexible branches. Then plant your wooden posts in the ground. Then all you have to do is assemble and weave your branches together and around the posts. A slightly more complicated pose than the previous idea but with a guaranteed natural fence result!

Recover old planks of wood

For a modern and natural fence, you can use wooden boards of different sizes. Fix your posts in the ground and install the strongest board’s perpendicular to the posts so that they connect them. You can then attach your boards to them and create a wooden fence according to your tastes.

2) Make a bamboo fence yourself

For an exterior with a zen and modern atmosphere, nothing better than a do-it-yourself bamboo fence as a decorative idea. The advantage of bamboo lies in its flexibility. This plant is therefore a perfect material for a fence that resists the wind. You have two options for this.

Make an openwork bamboo fence

For a modern and zen look, it is quite possible to fix the bamboo canes in the ground only. This will allow the bamboo to live and move slightly with the wind while allowing light to pass through for an openwork screen.

It is also quite possible to fix the bamboos at their feet and have a blackout fence. To do this, be sure to use straight canes and plant them close to each other. Do not hesitate to connect them discreetly with iron wire.

Create a bamboo cane yourself

For a screen fence, it is possible to create a bamboo fence panel. To do this, start by creating a frame for your fence. You can then attach the bamboo canes cut to the dimensions of the frame to make a bamboo palisade nothing better for a cheap do-it-yourself fence.

3) Make your own mini fence

To complete your outdoor layout and delimit spaces on your terrace, a mini-fence is always a great solution. And it is quite possible to do it yourself.

A log border

Use logs to make a small border ideal for protecting a flower bed or vegetable garden. You can then customize them according to your tastes and the style of your exterior.

Install DIY mini fences

To build a traditional fence, all you need to do is plant thin pieces of wood, such as battens or carpenter’s pegs, in the ground. Then tie them with iron wire and voila for a homemade fence !

A composite and aluminum fence project in mind?

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