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Cheap health insurance

At Adeslas, we have different health insurance options. If what you are looking for is cheap health insurance, we make it easy for you. The truth is that usually, people who think about taking out health insurance believe that it has a very high price. Adela’s Salud has two health insurance plans adapted to people who want something cheap and that offer private medical coverage.

Depending on the coverage included in the insurance, the price will be reduced and consequently more affordable. In addition, cheap medical insurance includes copays to reduce the price paid by the insured. In this way, there will be a certain price for visits to specialists and for diagnostic tests. Next, we detail the best cheap health insurance options that we have at Adeslas.


Adela’s Basic insurance has outpatient coverage and is one of the options if you are looking for cheap and affordable health insurance. The insured who takes out the policy will have access to the doctors on the insurer’s basic medical list. 

This option is Adeslas’ cheapest and guarantees quick access to private healthcare without waiting lists. Therefore, you will be able to adapt your appointments to your schedules and select the doctor you prefer at any time. In addition to visits to specialists and diagnostic means, the insurance includes:

  • Clinical psychology.
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
  • Preventive medicine with different treatments and techniques covered according to the guarantees.
  • Clinical analysis.
  • Chiropody.
  • Preparation for childbirth.

The cost of Adeslas Basic insurance is very cheap, and its price ranges from €14.50 per insured person to €36 for contracting a family unit.


If what you are looking for is a complete option without paying large sums, Adeslas Plena Vital is the company’s cheapest insurance option. This modality has the Adderall coverage of the previous option with visits to doctors and the pertinent tests.

In addition, it includes hospitalization in the hospital centers arranged with Adeslas and surgical interventions among its coverage. Like the basic option, this policy has copays to reduce the cost of insurance. In the case of being hospitalized, you will not have to pay copays, and you will have a single room with a companion bed.

The price of cheap health insurance with hospitalization can be taken out at Adeslas from €35. In addition, depending on the current promotions in the company, you can obtain different discounts or gifts.

Adela’s Plena Vital also includes the following coverage:

  • Outpatient and hospital emergencies.
  • Ambulance.
  • Prosthesis.
  • Assistance abroad.
  • Special treatments.

What centers and specialists can I go to if I contract this insurance?

Depending on the option you contract, you will have a national medical chart to freely go to the specialist or center you want. If you are in a town or province that is not yours, you can make an appointment with the doctor you want from the medical list.

A cheap but high-quality health insurance. Adela’s Salud has the largest medical network in our country, and therefore you will have no problem finding specialists near the location where you are living or traveling.

What are the benefits of taking out cheap health insurance with Adeslas?

Health insurance brings many benefits to its policyholders. In the case of Adeslas Básico, it can be the perfect complement to Social Security. Many people want cheap health insurance that allows them to speed up their visits and tests. In order to contract the cheapest Adeslas insurance, it will not be necessary to carry out any interview or fill out any document on the patient’s state of health. In this way, if the insured has a previous illness, they can have health insurance.

In the case of the Adeslas Plena Vital insurance, you will have access to private healthcare with full coverage. The insurance has an annual copay limit of €260 per insured person per year. This means that if you exceed that limit, you will not have to pay more copays for the rest of the year. The price of this insurance is very low, and, like Adeslas Básico, you can use it interchangeably with Social Security if that is your decision.

Remember that the possibility of having cheap private health insurance and making it compatible or not with social security is a very smart option to have full coverage. In fact, the number of contracts for private insurance increases every year. It is an alternative to which more and more citizens are joining to improve their medical coverage for little money.

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