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Choosing Car Insurance As Needed

Like the feet, the car is always moving and very vulnerable to risk. Loss may be less common, but accidents are almost certainly often seen or experienced by us.

Just look at the workshops and the variety of cars, often full and not infrequently we queue up for several days to get service. One way to get priority repair services is to join a car insurance program.

How important and expensive is car insurance? If you rarely have mobility, just take Total Loss Only (TLO) car insurance, but if you often use a vehicle, you can take the All Risk car insurance package. All risks will cover all risks that occur to your car as stated in the car insurance policy.

Choosing Car Insurance As Needed

aking car insurance must be under the needs to be efficient in terms of costs and benefits obtained. It is necessary to note the car that you insure whether for personal use or office operations. This will determine the choice of car insurance package that you will take.

One thing that often becomes an obstacle is the presence of a replacement car when a claim occurs. Is a replacement car always available or included in every car insurance package? Not necessarily, depending on the agreement stated in your car insurance policy.

So choose insurance that provides a replacement car if your car is like a leg that must be there at all times. So that when a claim occurs, your car’s operations can still run well.

Taking Insurance Package with a Replacement Car

It must be annoying if you get a car loan and the car has an accident. But your losses can be reduced if you have registered your car with an insurance product. Please note, that not all insurance packages provide a replacement car.

Read carefully the terms written in your car insurance policy. Make sure some important and general things that are mandatory, such as:

  • Comprehensive protection against damage/loss to your vehicle
  • Third-party legal liability
  • Driver and passenger personal accident insurance and more importantly are additional benefits available for example:
    • Substitute Car
    • Mobile Derek
    • Ambulance
    • Mobile Claim Services
    • Warranty Repair and
    • Hotline Service 24 jam

How Expensive is the Substitute Car Facility for the Car Insurance You Take?

A replacement car is free. A replacement car when an insurance claim occurs is an additional facility that is currently found in many insurance packages. However, it should be noted that the replacement car facility is not continuous. So there is a time limit for using it.

If you pass the time limit it is considered a lease. Therefore, pay close attention to the clauses in your car insurance policy. Make sure your car insurance claim process is quickly handled by partner repair shops so that you are not late in using a replacement car.

Is the replacement car always the same or better than the car claimed at the workshop?

Normally, in every car insurance policy, it is explained that if there is a replacement car facility, the type and replacement car will be tried to be equivalent to the car claimed to the repair shop.

But you need to know that insurance companies are also not able to meet all the needs for a replacement car for car claims that go to the workshop, where the number of claims often far exceeds the number of replacement cars available. Not to mention the workshop process also takes a few days.

The status of a replacement car itself is often also a rental made by insurance companies to cover their operational needs.

So what should I do when a claim occurs? The name is also an emergency condition, if you want your claim to be handled immediately, as long as there is a replacement car, you should immediately make a claim regardless of the condition and type of replacement car available.

If you want comfort that is equivalent to your car and the condition of the car that will be claimed can still be used, then you can queue up waiting for a similar replacement car to be available.

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