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Cinema HD Not Working :Quick Solution

Cinema HD worked flawlessly on my firestick and I enjoyed Cinema HD. After using the app for about a year, I started to experience problems such as no data, no links, suffering, server error, and so on. Cinema HD APK did not work on my firestick.

Cinema HD v2 wouldn’t work on my firestick. I searched the internet for solutions, but nothing worked. So I tried my brain, and after several hours of trying, it finally worked on firestick. If you have a jailbroken firestick, and Cinema HD V2 is not working on it, then I recommend this guide. It will solve your problem.

After fixing the gain I  face Cinema HD error, I discovered that there were many other users experiencing the same issue. I decided to create this guide to help those who use firesticks and want Cinema HD to work on firesticks again.

Below are some solutions that will 100% make Cinema HD work again on your firestick. Before I share the solutions to Cinema HD APK not being installed, I recommend you read the following explanations for why Cinema HD stopped working on your firestick.

Why Cinema HD APK is not working?

Cinema HD is one of the most popular free streaming apps. Because it offers free TV and copyrighted TV shows, the company has to deal with copyright issues. The content in their app does not belong to Cinema HD App. Sometimes they must close their app because of legal issues.

You will not see any cinema HD errors links when you try to view your favorite TV programs or movies if they are down.

Sometimes, your internet connection is slow and the video takes too long to load. Cinema HD V2 may not work for you. We have listed the possible causes below.

Fixed Cinema HD APK suddenly stopped working

There are a few things you can do to fix Cinema HD not functioning. Each solution has been explained briefly so you don’t have to worry.

Cinema HD APK no Links available

You know that the content you see on Cinema HD is copyrighted. Sometimes, because of copyright strikes Cinema HD must close its application. In those cases, you won’t find any links. This error is most common, but you can use it for any of the below reasons.

  1. Faulty IP Address
    You could try to change the DNS settings on your Android or firestick device. Before you attempt this, make sure you are familiar with DNS. Select Private DNS mode from Automatic, then click on Save.
  2. Cache Issue
    You may also have no links, the cache could be the cause. Clear the cache by going to Settings >> Applications >> Cinema HD >> Clear Cache.
  3. Geo-restricted content
    Geo-restricted content means that some movies and TV shows will only work in certain locations. To overcome this problem, you can use a VPN on your Android or firestick.

Cinema HD APK suddenly stopped working

This is a common problem that all Cinema HD users will encounter at some point in their lives. This error is common and can be caused by any app. There is an easy fix for Cinema HD apps that keep crashing.

Clear the cache of Cinema HD Apk by going to Settings >> Apps Section >> Select Cinema HD app >> Clean Storage Cache, and then click Clear Cache.

Firestick users can go to Settings > Applications > Manage installed applications, select an application, and then choose Clear cache.

Clearing cache may not work for you. Uninstall Cinema HD v2.0 and then reinstall it on your Android device.

Cinema HD V2.0 is not working and shows No links for shows

Many users are experiencing no links to movies or shows after updating the app from version 2.0. This error was something I experienced myself, and I struggled for hours to find the solution.

You will need to go to Settings of Cinema HD >> Clear the Zero TV option. Restart the app, and the error should disappear.

To resolve this issue you can download Cinema HD V2.4.0. In this update, you can not face a problem of

No links for shows


Cinema HD Buffering

This is a common problem with streaming apps. Sometimes, the link quality isn’t great and it keeps buffering. In such cases, you can try another link.

Your internet speed can also be a problem. You can check your internet speed online. If it is less than 5 MB, you will definitely see buffering between TV shows or movie daa. I recommend that you connect your Android or firestick to a high-speed connection so you can enjoy buffer-free movies and TV shows.

In the interim, you might try other apps

Even if you have tried all the solutions, Cinema HD v2.0 may not be working. I recommend that you switch to another app. Many apps are available online that provide the same content as cinema HD APK. Here are some apps you can try.

ExpressVPN always uses Cinema HD APK

To avoid legal problems, it is important to use an established VPN such as ExpressVPN.

To ensure your safety, it is highly recommended that you install and use any VPN. You can choose from hundreds of VPNs online.

If you’re looking for a VPN to hide your IP address and protect your online activity, ExpressVPN is the best choice. Any VPN can be used, but we recommend ExpressVPN.


This was our guide to Cinema HD APK not showing links, not loading, subtitles errors, and fixes. I did my best to provide the solutions. This guide should help you fix Cinema HD 2.0 not functioning. If you still have questions, please comment below.


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