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Creative Food Packaging Ideas

Everyone loves food. Most of the time are refrigerators are packed with edible items. It is always good to have spare food items with you though because you never know when your stomach starts to growl. However, we have to make sure that we keep food sterile and edible. For this, we have to pack our food properly. Stale food can cause stomach problems and food poisoning. Therefore, in order to keep our food fresh and maintain its taste, we ought to pack it properly.

 But packing ought to be boring old plastic boxes or foils. You can make custom boxes for packaging. Also, of you want to share food with your friend or colleague, why not share it in trendy creative custom box.

Here are some creative food packaging ideas you can look out:

·         Instead of wrapping your sandwich in a plastic foil, you can you a cardboard box. This creative custom box is a very creative approach for food packaging of items like breads, loaves, sandwiches etc.

·         Fries always go hand in hand with ketchup or some other sauce like mayo. While drooling sauce over your fries can be a bit messy, making this pocket on fries’ pack is a very innovative technique. Small street food startups can adopt this custom food packaging technique so their business booms.

·         If you want to take ramen or instant noodles for to school or office; instead of storing them in a plastic box; use disposable glass with lid. Your noodles will remain hot for a longer time.

·         If you bake some fresh yummy cookies instead of storing them in a cookie jar, think out of the box and store them in a pizza box. This custom food packaging idea will also allow you to store more cooking at the same time.

·         Having a bake sale or organizing a bridal/baby shower? Cupcakes are a must item. And if you wrap them in these cute little custom boxes, people will not only relish them more but applaud you for your creative thinking.

·         Are you a fitness freak? Get creative with your veggies. Instead of storing your salad in containers or old- fashioned boxes, pack them it in disposable glasses. People will definitely get impressed from your custom food packaging innovation.

·         If you have fruits like apples, oranges, guava etc. You can store them in a really cool way. This technique is very resourceful; you can hang it in your kitchen anywhere. This way you will also free up some space in your fridge.

·         People prefer to take their coffee on the go then to sit and drink. Now this a very smart way of custom food packaging. By giving customers, sugar or milk/cream with coffee will make them enjoy coffee more.

·         This custom food-packaging box can be used to store dry fruits like cashews, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts etc. You can place this dry fruits’ box on your kitchen table or dining table so people can munch it as a snack. Also, it can be used to store candies or toffees.

Wedding cakes deserve special attention. Not only the cake needs to be top-notch, its packaging must also meet standards. You can also buy wholesale wedding cake boxes or your bridesmaids can make custom boxes.

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