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creative ideas for you to produce your rich content

Check out 17 creative, simple, and cheap ideas for yourself to produce rich materials and generate more leads for your business

Digital Results.

Have you ever thought about the possibility of producing rich material, but abandoned the idea because you didn’t have the staff or budget for it? Or did you even think you don’t have the ability to come up with creative content ideas?

Know that these two shortcomings are no longer excuses for you not to create this material. There are practically countless tools (some even free) that intuitively help the user to create animations, podcasts, spreadsheets, calculators, infographics, webinars and other formats that go beyond the eBook.

Here, at Digital Results, we produce rich materials weekly. In addition to eBooks, we also make other formats of materials available on our Educational Materials page .

With that in mind, we’ve selected 17 creative ideas for you to produce your own rich content. In a simplified way, and without the need for large investments, you can create different forms of materials yourself. Just choose which format is most suitable for your type of business.

Creative content ideas to generate leads

Producing rich materials is a smart way to generate leads for your business. All you have to do is create them and then make them available for download on a Landing Page. Let’s go to the list of creative ideas for your content:

1 – Quick reading guide

Presentation with little text on each page, using colors and icons. It’s a pleasant read that can be easily scanned with the eyes. The difference is in the organization of information and the use of colors with a good copy writer.

When to use:  When the persona has little time and availability.


  • Understand the age of your skin and know which products suit it best;
  • An example of this design style can be seen in the Inbound Marketing Agency template we have. Although the purpose is different, the template serves as an inspiration.

Step by step:

  • Choose a color palette that matches your persona or use your brand;
  • Make the slides with a colored background;
  • Write the text in large letters arranged in different parts of the page with bold in some key expressions;
  • Place flat icons to show important information with simple images;

Tools used:

  • Powerpoint or similar;
  • Color palette for inspiration:
  • Flat icon bases:

Tip: Use SlideShare to preview the content on your Landing Page and make your reader understand how enjoyable it will be, as in the example above. 

2 – Dictionaries of area terms

A complete list of specific and interesting terms for your industry.

When to use:  When your area has its own language, many expressions and/or technical terms. New people in the field can get lost, and the dictionary is a good material to help with.


  • Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms ;
  • Do you know what a rooster is? Know the main expressions of the stock market.

Step by step:

  • Create a list of words in Word or Google Docs;
  • Arrange in alphabetical order;
  • Create links within the file, and for easier navigation, convert it to PDF.

Tools used:

  • Any text editor.

3 – Email trails

Automation of a limited number of emails on a given topic, with a useful and clear delivery for the user. The benefit lies in the organization, curation and recurrence of content.

When to use:  To separate a large volume of content into smaller and therefore very didactic parts. A good idea for people with a busy schedule, without time to read an eBook at once.


  • We look for apartments for you, receive every day X examples of properties for rent in your region;
  • 7 emails to learn more about email marketing in 14 days.

Learn more in the eBook “The Email Marketing Guide” .

Step by step:

  • Have an interesting theme for your persona;
  • Separate the contents into several small posts and/or emails;
  • Prepare a call to action with the track call;
  • Upon clicking, the user subscribes to a Landing Page and begins to receive the sequence of emails.

Tools used:

  • RD Station Marketing – for marketing automation;
  • Direct text in email and/or blog post.

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