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Credit card with rental car insurance – well secured on the go

If you rent a car, you need the right insurance. In addition to the usual functions of everyday payment transactions, some credit cards also offer additional services, including comprehensive rental car insurance. There are different types of rental car insurance, with liability and comprehensive insurance being particularly important. In the event of damage, these require a more or less high deductible. The following article shows what customers should definitely pay attention to when buying a credit card with rental car insurance and which types of insurance are available.

Rental car insurance – all types of insurance at a glance

Whether it’s a day trip with a rental car or a longer trip: the right rental car insurance is urgently needed. A credit card is often a prerequisite for renting a car. This allows the rental car dealer to protect himself against possible damage by having a certain amount blocked on the card, which is only released again after the vehicle has been returned. People who often depend on a rental car also benefit from rental car insurance policies integrated into the card, which are valid all year round and insure every car rental.

These insurances are diverse and protect the driver in different areas and claims. It is therefore important to get an overview of which insurance policies are urgently needed and which are rarely needed. All insurance policies that cover a rental car (and sometimes even your own car) in different situations are listed below:

  • Rental car legal protection insurance
  • Rental car liability insurance
  • Rental car comprehensive insurance
  • Rental car partial insurance
  • car protection letter
  • Transportation Accident Insurance
  • Traffic legal protection insurance
  • Glass tire insurance

The traffic legal protection insurance and the car protection letter not only apply to rental cars but, in many cases, also to your own car. With all insurances, it is important that the cardholder carefully checks the conditions under which they apply, what their scope is and how high the deductible is in the event of damage.

Rental car liability insurance

Liability insurance is essential and is therefore mandatory when renting a vehicle, which is why it is often included in the price of the rental car. It covers damage caused by the driver to other vehicles, objects, or people. It must have sufficient coverage. The statutory minimum cover in Germany is 7.5 million euros for personal injury, 1.12 million euros for property damage, and 50,000 euros for purely financial losses.

Similar and sometimes higher minimum coverages are required in many Western European countries, but this is not the case in other regions of the world. Sometimes there is only comparatively low minimum coverage; in rare cases (very few countries in the world), liability insurance is not required by law at all. With rental car liability insurance integrated into the credit card, drivers are always covered. However, you should always make sure before you drive how high the coverage is and under what conditions the insurance applies. The conditions here differ enormously from offer to offer.

Fully and partially comprehensive insurance

Well, it was secured in the event of damage – credit cards with rental car insurance.

Rental car drivers can also cause damage to their own rental car or become a victim of vandalism. The fully comprehensive rental car insurance, which is included in some credit card insurance packages, protects against this. The fully comprehensive insurance includes partially comprehensive insurance, which protects against the financial consequences of accidents involving wildlife, hail, storms, floods, lightning, marten bites, and theft. Just like liability insurance, fully comprehensive rental car insurance is a must for every car rental. If you don’t have fully comprehensive insurance, you have to pay for the damage yourself.

Rental car rental companies do not always offer partial or fully comprehensive insurance. However, as part of a credit card with rental car insurance, these are often included. Here, too, the amount of the deductible should be pointed out: it should not be too high. Around 400 euros are considered reasonable. However, there are also credit card issuers who completely waive the deductible, meaning that they relieve their customers of all costs in the event of damage. Incidentally, on the voucher of an insurance policy, the fully comprehensive insurance is stated as CDW (Collision Damage Waiver).

Glass and tire insurance

The fully comprehensive insurance can be supplemented, among other things, by glass and tire insurance, which also covers the corresponding damage. Normally, no one is insured against a flat tire, and the partially comprehensive insurance does not always have to pay for glass breakage or stone chip damage. Customers can find out whether credit card insurance applies in these cases from the price-performance list for their credit cards.

In principle, it is advisable for people who travel a lot by rental car to have a credit card with rental car insurance. Because if you only have incomplete or no insurance cover at all, you have to dig into your own pockets. And that can sometimes be very expensive.

Reasonable insurance for the rental car

The following insurance policies for rental cars are recommended and included in many credit card offers:

  • Liability insurance with high coverage
  • Fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance with little or no deductible
  • Glass and tire insurance

The benefits of comprehensive rental car insurance

If you have a credit card with an extensive insurance package, you can benefit from it every time you book a rental car. Because if you are already insured, you can confidently do without expensive offers from the rental car dealer. Here, too, you always have to take a closer look at the conditions. Especially abroad, taking out insurance with a rental car provider can be difficult due to the language barrier. In order to avoid misunderstandings and avoid possible insurance gaps, insurance included in the credit card is particularly useful. In addition, there is the advantage that the insurance of a credit card applies all year round, which is why the cardholder does not have to insure himself separately before each booking.

Before signing the contract: cost-benefit analysis

Insurance and discounts – that’s what premium credit cards offer

Rental car insurance included in the credit card is a good alternative to external insurance. A credit card with rental car insurance is particularly suitable for people who often rely on a rental car privately or professionally. In particular, rental car liability insurance – as well as rental car comprehensive insurance, are useful. Extensive insurance is often one of the additional services of more exclusive credit cards. Only in exceptional cases do free credit cards include one or the other insurance. Premium credit cards usually cost a significantly higher fee per year than standard credit cards.

However, this annual fee can pay off quickly if, for example, credit card insurance is used several times a year, and external insurance can therefore be dispensed with. In addition to insurance, credit card issuers often offer other additional services that bring further customer advantages and can offset the annual fee.

Credit cards with attractive offers

In order to make offers for rental cars as attractive as possible, the providers come up with a number of additional offers. By participating in bonus programs, you get discounts on the rental car price, for example. If the car is paid for with a specific credit card, further discounts are offered. Some car rental companies offer discounts for participation in frequent flyer programs.

The type of discount structure is, therefore, very different. If you take advantage of the discount frequently, you may even be able to offset the annual fee for a credit card. However, credit cards that cover additional security and insurance are particularly interesting.

Sample calculation: When renting a VW Passat Variant, Sixt charges €16.99 per day for fully comprehensive and theft insurance, or €118.93 for a week.

Note the deductible, the sum insured, and the insurance requirements.

Whether an included rental car insurance pays off for the cardholder depends directly on several factors. In principle, rental car insurance is particularly worthwhile for customers who travel a lot with a rental car. Apart from the frequency of insurance claims, the deductible in the event of damage and the amount of coverage are also important points that should not be overlooked. The deductible is the amount that a customer pays themselves after an accident, for example, got to. This varies depending on the offer. The higher the deductible, the deeper the cardholder has to dig into their pockets if the worst comes to the worst. Credit cards that do not have a deductible at all should therefore be rated particularly positively.

The amount of coverage may also vary. Low sums insured can lead to nasty surprises in the event of damage. Therefore, the following applies: the higher the sum insured, the more comprehensive the insurance cover. However, whether insurance is effective at all depends on the insurance requirements. These can usually be found in the price-performance index of a credit card. A common rule is that insurance only applies if the rental car has been paid for in part or in full with the relevant credit card. In order to be able to rely on the insurance, it is particularly important to know exactly about the deductible, the amount of coverage, and the requirements of the insurance.


A credit card, including Bank of America Credit Card rental car insurance, can be a very sensible investment, with which you often also benefit from lucrative offers from rental car providers. However, if you want to be really well and cheaply insured with your credit card, you absolutely have to compare prices and services. In this respect, the credit card with rental car insurance does not usually differ from other credit cards or classic insurance policies.

Travel flexibly and safely – with rental car insurance

As a point of reference, a credit card with rental car insurance can be interesting and inexpensive if you use rental vehicles frequently and regularly because you save yourself having to take out additional insurance through the rental car provider. In addition, there are often interesting discount campaigns at rental car dealers, which makes renting a car particularly inexpensive.

Which variant ultimately promises the better price-performance ratio and best suits the needs and driving behavior of the driver must always be checked on a case-by-case basis. A credit card comparison is recommended for this purpose, in which each user can take their personal preferences and habits into account in order to find the perfect card for their own use.

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