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Day Cream Vs. Night Cream – There Is A Difference!

Learn the fundamentals of day and night cream and discover how to make the most of these skincare necessities.

Is your skin looking slightly tired or dull? You may consider switching to a day or night cream routine over simply slathering on some moisturisers. While creams and moisturisers may appear the same, they perform different functions. Below is a guide to what makes day and night creams function differently.

Let’s start with the fundamentals— 

What Exactly Are Creams?

Creams have high water content, which helps with easy absorption and better coverage. They moisturise the skin deeply and strengthen the barrier to prevent moisture loss. They also protect the skin from external impurities and sun damage. 

Creams are an essential part of a good skincare routine. One should select one based on their skin type and requirements. However, it is also critical to use it for maximum benefit at the right time. This means there should be a proper window to apply day cream in your morning skincare routine before applying sunscreen and a skin glow night cream before going to bed. 

Now, we’ll go over what is day cream and night cream, their distinctions, and how can they help your skin stay soft, supple and radiant. 

What are Day Cream and Night Creams? 

Your skin requires proper care in the morning and evening. So, different products are made according to the skin’s different needs during the day and night.

Day Cream 

As we welcome a new day, our skin should be prepared to fight sun exposure, free radical damage, work pressure, air temperatures, and beauty cosmetic impacts. Day creams have a lighter and gentler formula as compared to night creams. It shields the skin from the damaging effects of environmental factors as they contain UV filters, natural extracts, and essential oils. The formula is also water-based, making it suitable for use before applying makeup. The hydrating properties of day creams work to protect the dermis, which is more vulnerable to losing moisture during the daytime.

Night Cream

The skin regeneration process takes place at night. Thus, the formula of a skin glow night cream is specially formulated to aid and expedite the natural process of restoring hydration and regenerating the skin. It eliminates pollutants and neutralises the damages caused by environmental aggressors and free radicals during the daytime. They have a denser and thicker consistency than day creams, making them longer to absorb. Plus, promoting skin glow and relaxation during the sleeping hours. 

Now that we’re aware of the primary distinctions between a day and night cream, their formula and functionality, let’s explore the other differences. 

Day Cream vs. Night Cream

Water is an essential element of the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Your skin can dry out or feel patchy and flaky without proper hydration. It may be more susceptible to the harmful impacts of environmental stressors like temperature variations and UV radiations. Using a moisturiser keeps the skin moisturised, facilitating healthy and glowing skin. However, every moisturiser is not the same. Day and night creams have the same end objective of boosting hydration, but they differ in several contexts. Daytime skincare is better off with lighter, easily absorbed lotions and moisturisers to prevent the feeling of heaviness or oiliness. Day creams can also contain antioxidants to help protect your skin from harmful contaminants and SPF for sun protection.

Meanwhile, night creams have a heavier and thicker consistency. They are formulated with thicker, moisturising ingredients to supplement the skin’s natural restoration mechanisms while you sleep. We hope it helps you in making a more informed skincare decision. 

There you go, now you know what makes day and night creams. We hope it helps you in making a more informed skincare decision. 

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