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Dealing With a Noisy Apartment Neighbor

When you live in an apartment, you are close to your neighbors. A very common issue for those in an apartment is noise. This can be a problem if it starts to affect your sleep. There are some things that you can do that will help you deal with your noisy neighbors.

The first thing that you need to try to do is to use what’s called white noise in your place. This might be putting on a fan or static in the background that you hear. Many times this will block out quite a bit of noise. It is an easy way of not having to hear other things while not having to deal with your neighbors. White noise often solves a problem completely.

If this is not enough, you might have to talk to your neighbors. Explain that you need the noise levels to come down and what your situation is. Explain when the noise is bothering you. Do so as politely as possible. This will keep them from becoming defensive as well as you not blaming the wrong neighbor. remember that you may not know for sure who the noisy neighbor is. You may feel nervous but just be polite and do it if necessary. They probably had no idea they were bothering anyone.

Look up your rental agreement’s policy  geluidsoverlast buren on noise in the apartment complex. Most will have quiet times where noise is supposed to be kept down as much as possible. You should have a copy from when you signed the lease and moved in, or ask your landlord.

Talk to your landlord about the problem if the neighbors are violating the policies that are agreed upon. The landlord is supposed to provide you with the service that you two have agreed on.

Be sure to also write your landlord to show that it’s an official complaint. This might be necessary as some landlords don’t like dealing with issues and will act as if you never told him or her about the situation. OF course your landlord may help even if nothing is in the lease sometimes.

Learn the rules that are in your city. Most cities do have some noise restrictions in place. While this might not work for things like people talking a little loud next door, it normally does effect things like loud music in apartments or the cars parked in the apartment.

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