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When you buy a phone, the seller in the store will often ask if you also want to ensure the phone is against, for example, theft or damage. But is insurance really that useful? And do you really need  ATT phone insurance? And what about the deductible?

What is the deductible?

Just like for health insurance, there is also a deductible for telephone insurance. The deductible can therefore differ per insurance policy—the conditions state in which cases you first pay the deductible. So imagine you have damage to your phone, you have to pay 80 euros to have it repaired, the deductible is 50, then you pay 50 euros and the insurance 30. like with health insurance, but how often do you drop your phone or get your phone stolen?


The deductible does not apply to all incidents. If your phone is stolen but not damaged and you are not insured against theft, the insurer will not cover anything. There are several exceptions, where you still have to pay for everything yourself. It is also possible that you are double insured without you knowing it. You can already be insured for theft through your home insurance or travel insurance. Therefore, always check the policy conditions.

Is telephone insurance necessary?

This depends on a number of factors. First, the price of your phone is important. It can sometimes be expensive to take out insurance for a cheap phone. It is also important to consider how likely it is that you will make use of the insurance. It is also important to find out exactly what is reimbursed and what is not, and how it is arranged with the deductible.


There can be countless reasons that you want to get rid of your (expensive) telephone insurance. For example, you may think you are paying too much. Perhaps it is no longer worth it because your device is too old, or perhaps you are switching to a new device and therefore also to a new insurance policy. Whatever your reason, we are happy to provide you with more information about the cancellation period for your telephone insurance.

What is the notice period?

You probably know that if you look up the conditions. If you keep good records, you can probably find them quickly. Can’t find the conditions anymore? Then contact the insurer of your telephone insurance. If all goes well, they also have a copy from when you signed at the time. Or it’s on their computer. When you have signed for it, also ask for your signed copy so you know which rules apply to you at the time. The latest phone insurance policies can usually be canceled on a daily basis, but some insurers still have a one-year notice period. After that, these insurances can be canceled on a monthly basis.

How to cancel?

Nowadays, you can cancel your phone insurance in different ways. You can arrange this by post, email, or telephone. Please note that if you arrange it by telephone, not everything is on paper. This can be a major drawback. If something goes wrong, it is difficult to file a case because you have little evidence. Always include all details when you cancel by email or post. So not only your number and your personal details but also the effective date is important to mention. Also, write that you would like to see a response. This way, you can be sure that your message has arrived correctly.

Another new insurance?

You may be done with your phone or tablet insurance. Or maybe there are good reasons to go for a new telephone insurance policy. It is always important to read the fine print. So don’t be fooled by a cheap insurance policy that binds you for two years. Also, consider in advance how long you think your device will last. Taking out insurance for an old device is usually not very convenient, especially if the insurance cannot be canceled daily.

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