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How To Delete Space Taking Files On Mac Pc

If you are unable to save your important data on your Mac because it is already full of unwanted files. Then, read this article providing different ways to Delete Space Taking Files On Mac Pc

Even now, MacBook hard drives are still small and fill up quickly. But it’s clear that you can free up disk space by doing a quick find-and-delete on big files and other things you’ve downloaded, but that will only get you so far.

Most of the wasted space on your computer can only be used if you get rid of duplicate files, delete attachments, clear temporary files, empty all trash cans, and clean out language files. If you’re wondering how to do all of this, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. This post has different ways to free up enough space on your device for new data.

Different Ways To Clean Your Computer

It’s always a good idea to learn about both automated and manual tools. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time manually finding and cleaning up things, you can use Mac cleaner apps to make this job much easier. So, let’s look at all the ways and get your Mac PC cleaned up as soon as possible.

Empty Your The Trash Cans

On a Mac, the Trash works just like the Recycle Bin on Windows. Instead of deleting files permanently from the Finder, they are moved to the Trash, where you can get them back if you change your mind. You’ll have to empty your Trash to get rid of these files for good and free up the space they take up. But Macs can have more than one trash, so you may need to empty more than one.

First, we are going to show you how to empty the trash can present on the Dock. To do that you need to right-click on the Trash Can icon, then select the Empty Trash option in the list. This will delete all the files present in that Trash Can permanently.Select the Empty Trash

For the second one, we need to empty the Trash Cans of mail, iMovie, and iPhoto. These trash cans collect files that were deleted while using these programs. To do this, Open one of these apps, then right-click on the Trash option on the left-hand side panel. Now, select the Empty Trash option to delete all the files that were in the Trash.

Select the Empty Trash

Delete Unwanted Programs Or Applications

When you use your computer for a long time, the apps on it take up more and more space. They make cache and temporary files to give you a better user experience. However, with time these files will get larger and take most of your Mac PC’s resources. So it is for the best to remove them, here’s how to do it.

Remove Apps Using Finder

Step1: Open the Finder folder and then select the Applications option from the left-hand side panel

Select the Applications

Step2: Select any useless app and using the drag and drop feature drop those apps in the Trash

Step3: To remove these files permanently, empty the trash

Remove Apps Using Launchpad

Step1: Click to open the Launchpad

Step2: Select and then hold any unwanted app until it starts shaking

Step3: Click on the Cross sign (X) on top of the app icon to delete that app.

Delete app

Using these methods you will be able to free up some more space.

Delete Old Backups

Backing up your iPad and iPhone is an important part of keeping your data safe, and it’s also a good habit to get into. That said, iOS backups aren’t meant to stay on your Mac forever. Instead, they are meant to be temporary files. Follow these steps to delete the old backups from your Mac device.

Step1: Click on the Apple menu and then select the About This Mac option

Step2: Select the Storage tab. Over there click on the Manage button

Step3: A new pop-window will appear, click on the iOS Files option

Step4: Select the old backups that you wish to delete and then click on the Delete button.

Delete Old Backups

Use Third-party Cleaning Applications

If you still feel that there are more junk files taking up your storage space like Duplicate images, videos, or documents. If you don’t want to delete them manually, then, this method is for you. With the help of cleaning software, you can easily find and delete all kinds of duplicate files.

These cleaning apps are designed especially to help you enhance your Mac’s performance and free up some disk space by removing all sorts of unwanted files like browser cookies, obsolete apps, duplicate files, cached data, broken downloads, junk files, and much more. Here are some of the best cleaning programs that are compatible with macOS:

  1. CleanMyMac X
  2. MacKeeper
  3. MacBooster 8


These were some of the best ways with which you can delete space-taking files on your Mac device. We hope these methods have helped you with the same. If you are still facing a lack of storage space, then you need to either purchase an external hard disk or you have to format your computer. But before doing that it is recommended that you should try and imply the tips mentioned above. If you wish to format your PC, it is recommended that you take a backup of all your important stuff.

Please do share your thoughts and feedback regarding this post in the comments sections below, we would love to hear from you.

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