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Difference between a Food Processor and Mixer Grinder

Many people often get confused between a food processor and a mixer grinder. They are of the misconception that both are the same and do the same tasks. However, this is not true. These appliances serve different purposes. Even though they are similar in the way they look and operate, they are significantly different. Let’s have a look at both the appliances to learn the difference between the two,

What Is a Food Processor?

A food processor chops, blends, and grinds food to a coarse or fine consistency. It also mixes flour and kneads it to make a dough for rotis, chappatis, pooris and more. A food processor is perfect for all your varied chopping jobs.

What Is a Mixer Grinder?

A mixer grinder is great for all your grinding and blending needs. You can grind chutneys, batter for idli/dosa, dry spice powders, puree ingredients and blend smoothies. However, it cannot be used for kneading dough or chopping vegetables. 

The Differences

  • A mixer grinder is used to grind vegetables and fruits to a fine smoothie-like consistency, whereas a food processor can coarsely chop vegetables and fruits.

  • A mixer grinder has different jars, each one with a different purpose. The largest jar is used to make smoothies and juices, the medium jar is used to make purees, and the smallest jar is used for grinding spices and chutneys. A food processor comes with jars and multiple chopping discs for shredding, slicing, mincing, grating, kneading, juicing and more. 

  • A food processor is optimal when prepping for large meals as it saves a lot of your time by chopping hard vegetables and kneading the dough in a minute. On the other hand, a mixer grinder helps you grind spices and make purees. It is easy to clean and easy to use.

  • A food processor is large and comes with multiple accessories, so it takes up too much space. A mixer grinder, however, takes less space on your kitchen counter. 

  • Both the food processor and mixer grinder are easy to use and operate. 

While these cooking appliances vary in the number of functions they offer, they’re still an excellent investment that will save you a lot of time and energy while helping you cook delicious meals.

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