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Do it yourself with kitchen spray

Let your imagination run wild with a DIY kitchen backsplash. It’s a place where you can let your creativity fly. The back of the kitchen covers the wall behind the stove or even the sink. It keeps the wall dry and easy to clean. Kitchen backsplash ideas are endless. All you need is confidence and handy tools.

If you don’t like using tiles and tiles, why not peel and stick tiles? Although not many stores carry these tiles, you can find different ones online.

For those who think they can use tiles,

Creating tiles can be a place for self-expression. Bright tiles brighten up your kitchen and make your oven look bigger. Because the tiles are exposed to heat and moisture, you need to take accurate measurements to avoid damaging the tile alignment. Use tile adhesive for a professional look.

Printing the plan and then laminating it is another kitchen throwback idea. You can do this with a colored background.

Since stainless steel is expensive, it is best to use sheet metal shingles. The tiles need to be nailed and the polyurethane cleaned regularly to keep them looking new.

Families with children will appreciate using chalkboard paint on the backsplash.

In addition to writing notes, you can also draw with colored chalk. Level the wall and paint with chalkboard paint and let it dry before putting it on the painter’s fingers.

Of course, there are other ideas, such as magnetic rear glass, artificial stone, patterned wallpaper and recycled objects. Even painting mushrooms and DIY  decorative backsplash behind stove  in the colors of adjacent rooms is an idea that many homeowners have embraced. The sky is the limit of your imagination.

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