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Do What You Love With Courage, Laughter

As I sat quietly, watching the sun set behind the Blue Ridge Mountains, I was wrapped up in it

the warm North Carolina air I take time to celebrate the change in the

my life. Change has brought joy, conflict, growth, passion and confusion to me

over the past few years, but I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to do what I love

anything. The Buddha said, “Your job is to find your world and everything.”

give your heart.” My world is made of laughter, creativity and being

what I truly am and believe me, I give everything I have to it. Each of us has

the chance to live the life we’ve always wanted, regardless of age, gender, color or

size; we just have to take it.


How I Discovered What I Really Wanted


For years I did what people do in the early years. I wandered around, wondering and trying a

a wide range of career options and careers. Medical practitioner, graphic artist, metaphysician

bookstore owner-I succeeded in all these endeavors, but deep down, mysteries

from the perspective it was my favorite. My role was to make art from there

childhood is hidden beneath fear, misunderstanding and imagination. I still can

my current business I read a book called The Artist’s Way, which opened part of

I didn’t know yet. I started focusing on what I wanted most out of the rest of the spare

that time. Mind blown and the response from those around me has been

encouragement and support. I saw the change coming and thought I would take it

jump, I would trust and I would create the world I wanted to live in with  heart neon sign.


All Power Is In You


When the time came to act, it was as if my guardian angel had visited me

head with a neon sign that said “This way” and my vision suddenly became clear.

Everything we need to know is within us. The events of our lives lead us to the present

situation and applying what we have learned along the way is an important step. According to me

Fourteen years as a business owner I have met many spiritual people and experienced a

repeating patterns people can’t stand: we take them very seriously! You

know how! I’m going to heaven and you’re not! My prayers must be many

lighter than yours! The UFOs are coming, run for your life! Please! Light!

Like lightning, I suddenly knew what I wanted to do and knew that my whole life consisted of it

he brought me to this place. So my new career was born and I devoted myself to it

to spread this message: laugh, be creative, follow your heart and be yourself

boldly! Unlock your power and as Rumi said, “Let go of the beauty of what is.”

you want, do what you do.”


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