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Does Your Business Need Security Services

Does your business need professional security services?

Security guards / doormen can be employed ‘at the door’, to roam around the premises, or both. They may be wearing casual clothes, or uniforms (ideally guards/doormen should be easily identifiable so we recommend uniformed staff).

Consider your crime and violence risks – are security guards/gatekeepers needed and, if so, what is their purpose? Security guards / doors can act as a protector and can help your employees and customers feel safe and secure, make sure that the security services company only uses SIA Licensed employees and that they fully understand your needs and expectations is the company you trust. use the best solution provider for your business.

In England, Scotland, and Wales, SIA provides information on hiring uniformed security services and doormen. If you decide to use security personnel make sure that you and your employees have a clear understanding of their job and ensure good communication.

Determine how the security function will work with your employees and other security technologies, in order to ensure the best use of their presence.

Consider the location of your security personnel, try to find them so that your customers know about their presence.

Make sure that your security guards / doorkeepers are doing their job in there jobs and that they deal with any given issue quickly and don’t just stay silent and deal with the consequences (if this happens it will be expensive for your tires and it may even end in the loss of customers who may not return to your place).

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