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Easy and Cheapest Ways to Move Locally

If you don’t have a place to turn, one of the most cost-effective methods of move locally is to make use of your vehicle. You’ll be shocked at how many moving boxes you can fit inside a car that has open seats or floors. You can also fit the trunk.

Helpful Tips

  • There will be a need to pay for movers and packers equipment as well as the fuel you’ll need when driving to your new home. If you’re required to take several trips, you might be required to pay for filling the tank of gas.
  • This method of moving is ideal for small-scale moves. If you have large furniture then you’ll need to invest additional money or get someone with trucks to transport them.

Professional Movers

Local movers are available in almost each US city, but there’s one company that is changing the game and its Bellhop. They bring “Uber-like” technology to local moving, as well as excellent customer service and skilled Movers.

The most cost-effective method of moving for one person could differ for someone else. Some people find time to be more important than money. If you’d rather spend more to avoid time and energy take into consideration hiring movers who are professional.

They take care of everything including loading and unloading, as well as driving. They’ll even load your luggage for you if you’d like!

Full-service movers cost more in terms of money, so anticipate spending between $380-$2,200. Based on the magnitude of the move and the distance as well as the time of the relocation.

For a better idea of how much the cost of your move is to move, request a free estimate using our calculator for moving costs.

Helpful Tips

The industry of moving is rife with fraudulent companies. To make sure you choose the most professional moving company be sure to check the following qualifications:

  • Information on insurance and state licensure
  • A listing on a review or directory site like Yelp or BBB
  • Are you a member of the Chamber of Commerce, or other local associations?
  • A solid online presence, backed by excellent customer reviews

Moving Containers

If you’re not pressed for time during your packers and movers, rent a moving container.

Take it out when you’re ready Make sure you inform the company when you’re ready to pick it up. They’ll store or transport it for you, and then deliver it to your new residence once you are prepared.

Helpful Tips

  • Moving containers are among the cheapest methods to relocate locally, even if you’re not yet able to find the right place to live yet. You can keep your possessions safe without the need to move everything into and out of a storage container.
  • Moving was made well-known to PODS However, numerous other businesses have sprung up since the time of PODS. Get 3-4 estimates from several sources to get the best price for moving.
  • In general, you can squeeze one bedroom into the size of a single container for moving, which costs around $170, with no additional costs or labor. If you require a second container, the cost will increase by a third.

Labor Services

If you’re moving only a small distance, transportation doesn’t have to be an issue. But, not everyone can afford the strength or the time to load, pack and unload and then take everything out. This is why hiring labor services can prevent you from throwing away your back.

We created a complete guide to answer the number of moving companies to employ.

Hire a Helper HireAHelper is an excellent company that can help you locate laborers available for hire in your region. Here’s the information you need to know about.

  • Hire a helper offers movers across every state in the 50.
  • On average, they are willing to pay between $200 to $500 for two people to help for a few hours in a single-bedroom apartment.
  • Their site lets you easily compare prices and view the amount that real-life customers have paid.

Your Vehicle

If you don’t have a place to go, one of the most cost-effective methods of moving locally is to utilize your vehicle. You’ll be shocked at how many boxes for moving you can fit inside a car that has open seats as well as floors and a trunk.

Helpful Tips

  • There will be a need to cover moving costs and gas for in the journey to your new residence. If you’re required to make multiple trips, you might be required to pay for filling the tank with gas.
  • This option is best for smaller moves. If you’re moving furniture of a large size and furniture, you’ll have to pay additional money or get your friend who has trucks to transport them.


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