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Interesting Ways to Use Electric Kettle and Hand Blender for Your Kitchen

We all have that hidden creative side inside us that wakes up when there’s something interesting to do. We often explore this creative side in the kitchen while cooking by using kitchen appliances in different ways. One such creativity that anyone would relate to is using an electric kettle and hand blender in interesting ways. Well, these appliances do have some restrictions, but we can still find out ways to get things done in no time using these smart appliances. Let’s have a look at some interesting ways to use an electric kettle and hand blender in your kitchen.

Creative Ways to Use Electric Kettle

Here are a few ways in which you can use your electric kettle differently:

  • Boil Eggs

Have you ever wondered how to boil eggs in a kettle? It could seem like a difficult task, but it can be done in just 5 minutes. The best way to boil eggs quickly is to place your eggs directly into the kettle with boiling water. The water will be hot enough to cook the egg in a matter of minutes. While boiling eggs may seem like a tricky task, it can be made easier with the right appliance and preparation.

  • Instant Noodles/Pasta/Oats/Soup

Sometimes, that craving for noodles, soup, pasta, or oats at any time of the day can drive you crazy until you eat it. Now making them would be a minute’s job with an electric kettle. Rather than cooking noodles, pasta or oats on the stove or waiting long for the water to boil, you can use an electric kettle to speed things up. The water boils faster in an electric kettle, so you can get the perfect bowl of pasta, noodles, or soup in a matter of minutes. 

  • Beverages

Usually, people love drinking a warm glass of water every morning and night. This is the reason why they use an electric kettle. You can also use this boiled water to make green tea, black tea, black coffee, hot chocolate and other such beverages. 

Creative Ways to Use a Hand Blender

Here’s how you can use your hand blender creatively:

  • Ice Creams and Milk Shakes

A creamy texture is very much required for ice creams and milkshakes. Hand blenders evenly mix ingredients to achieve that perfect consistency and can quickly mix up milkshakes, sauces, smoothies and other blended drinks in seconds. To get the perfect creamy texture, you need the right appliance to whisk the cream and there’s no better appliance than a hand blender that’s an affordable and quick way to whisk.

  • Whipped Cream

No matter how hard you try, you will find it impossible to whip cream without a whisking appliance. The stiff peaks that you get from a whisking appliance are just not the same without one. The best alternative for a whisk machine is a hand blender. A hand blender does a great job at getting rid of chunks and getting the cream to a nice creamy consistency. 

  • Pancake Batter

To make good pancakes, you need to start with a good pancake batter. The secret to good pancake batter is to mix it well, and the best way to mix is to use a hand blender. A hand blender makes it easy to mix the batter to a smooth consistency. Just whip up the ingredients, pour then into  a pan, and cook them on both sides. Delicious pancakes are now ready.  We hope these interesting ways of using an electric kettle and a mixer grinder have helped you explore your creative side and make the most out of these appliances.

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