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Enliven Your Living Room with These 5 Antique Pieces

Antiques are truly some of the most heart-warming and enamoring pieces of furniture and other items available. While these pieces may have been constructed 100 years ago or more, they are truly remarkable and sturdy items that breathe fresh life into any living space.

When you are looking to add new items to your living room especially, it can be tempting to simply head to the nearest IKEA and purchase a cheaper item and be done with it. However, these items aren’t unique and offer a relatively short lifespan.

That’s why antique furniture is such a special experience. From purchase to placement and years of use in the future, every moment is precious. These pieces have history behind their weathered facades, alluding to both significance and mystery.

Now that you are likely going to invest in antiques with which to surround yourself, there are several quintessential furniture items you should consider. Here are just five antique furniture items you should add to your living room to really bring it to life.

1. Bergere Chair
Adding armchairs to your living room will instantly provide a cozy aesthetic to this space, but you shouldn’t add just any armchair– you should only opt for a Bergere chair. These French upholstered long armchairs are made for ideal comfort.

Bergere chairs are exceptional vintage armchairs because they are fitted with a tailored yet loose seat cushion all the while boasting meticulous design from legs to backing. One great aspect of these armchairs is that they also add even more impressive aesthetics to any room when there are two of them due to symmetry (an important part of interior design).

These armchairs truly have it all: style, grace, beauty, strength, and comfort.

2. Coffee Table
When entertaining, you should have a quaint table in order to hold snacks, beverages, and even some alluring decorative accents. That is precisely why we cannot recommend adding an antique coffee table enough. These pieces become a subtle focal point to your living room while simultaneously being highly practical.

Fortunately, antique coffee tables come in a wide array of designs, colors, and materials, being able to seamlessly match anyone’s preferences.

3. Side Table
Coffee tables shouldn’t be the only antique table in your living room. You should also have one or even two matching side tables. These add a hint of elegance beside your already other elegant pieces of furniture, such as sofas and even your Bergere chair.

These tables, too, provide aesthetically pleasing elements to your space along with functionality. Place an antique lamp on there for even more unequivocal value!

4. Sofa, Loveseat, or Settee
Having a larger piece of furniture in any living room is a non-negotiable, as this not only adds a major focal point to this space but also is a convenient and comfortable place for all to sit and lounge in.

When considering a sofa for your living room, you have three antique options: sofas, loveseats, and settees. Sofas are typically sized for three people to sit comfortably while loveseats are for two. Meanwhile, settees are closer to sofas in build yet have a thinner profile.

5. Chandelier
Proper lighting is key in interior design, but we think that we can all agree that different emotions are felt when light is provided by a chandelier versus a desk lamp! That’s why you should certainly illuminate your living space with a truly stunning piece, like an antique chandelier. We all know that chandeliers exude elegance and vibrance. Your home deserves nothing less.

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