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Few Traits You Should Look for in the Best Nursery School

Did you know that a child’s brain development commences from 2 to 7 years? Hence, you must impart your child’s knowledge and skills during those five years. During those five years, it is not only the parents with whom the child interacts. It is during this time they go to preschool.

Since children spend around ⅓ portion of their daily life in schools in Wakad Pune, it is only fitting that you will search for “the best nursery school near me.” Since you’re reading this article, we believe it is time to take your child to the best preschool.

Before we divulge some traits you should be on the lookout for when choosing your child’s preschool, we would like to say a few things that you must never do.

●      Do not get intimidated or get awestruck by just the shiny and well-painted buildings of the schools.

●      Do not judge the school solely based on the fess and what a single parent says about the school.

●      Do not make the mistake of not visiting the school during working hours and not interacting with the kids.

●      And most importantly, not understanding your child’s learning style and not having an idea of what you’re looking for.

These were some mistakes that new parents make when looking for schools in Wakad Pune. Now let’s continue with the main objective and explain a few traits of a good preschool.

1- The schools in wakad Pune should have a large play area

Since the children are in a phase where they will want to play more than they will sit in a class and study, the preschool should have a sufficient and large playing area.

This play area is where the children will have enough time to indulge in physical activities and learn how to make new friends. Our GIIS Pune school has a big playground where children can learn how to play outdoor games, and they are not confined to the four walls of a classroom.

2- The school should be child-friendly

You must ensure that the preschool has a good and friendly environment which will allow the child to be very open and outgoing. If the environment is very dull, and there is nothing much for them to do, the children will become dull and will not be interested in coming to class.

They need attention, special care, and attention that will give them the right push for development, leading to enriching their physical, mental, and psychological abilities. In our environment, children feel very comfortable, and it has the best vibe for student development.

3- The school should have educated and professional staff

Since the teachers will be handling your kids and many more parents like yours will trust them to look after their children, you must ensure that they are educated and professionals. Dealing with children going into preschool is different from dealing with children in middle schools.

Dealing with preschool kids takes a lot of practice and dedication. The teacher should be up for the job without any hesitation. The teacher should be polite, soft-spoken, understanding, and ready to explain things to children repeatedly.

4- The school should follow the best curriculum

During your searches for the best nursery school near me, you must have come across several schools that do not stick to a particular curriculum. They do not believe in teaching using notebooks and pencils. Instead, they focus on environmental learning.

These schools have a curriculum designed that allows the children to participate in several physical abilities. These activities ensure that the children learn new things every day by not just focusing on the study content from books. Search for those schools as they help your child become curious.

5- Search for the best nursery school near me with a good reputation

A well-reputed school will always look for new ways to teach the students, which will help them maintain the school’s reputation. Although reputation should not be the sole factor that will decide the school, it plays a vital role.

The schools will get a good reputation by welcoming new ways of teaching and ensuring the students have a pleasant experience in their school. The school’s reputation should be in your top five when searching for the best schools.

6- The learning should take place at the child’s pace

Every child has a different pace of learning, grasping, and expressing information. Some learn quickly by theoretical methods, while others need hands-on experience.

The paces for both children are different, and hence the school should allow the children to learn at their pace.

Closing words

These are a few traits that you must look for in the best nursery school. GIIS Pune is a school that has all these traits and will be the best first place for your child to learn.


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