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Five qualities of zeon zoysia sod

Sod is small grass with little patches of the soil underneath and should not be more than 1 inch. It is commonly known as turf. The grass and soil are held together by either a root system or a thin layer of biodegradable material. It is harvested into rolls and used in lawns of private schools, homes, and businesses where seeds are too expensive, or grass can not grow. It is also used in golf courses and sports stadiums.

Sod can improve air quality and water quality along with cooling the atmosphere. It also prevents erosion at hillsides and construction sites. Sod must be fresh and healthy to avoid unnecessary stress and decrease susceptibility to diseases. 

To buy fresh sod, you should consider some farm that promises to provide you with fresh and healthy sod like zeon zoysia in an affordable range. You should look for a sod that is free of visible thatch, is neither under-fertilized nor over-fertilized, and is climate-friendly. 

Facts about zeon zoysia sod


While choosing any sod, certain things should be kept in mind. Sods are very sensitive and need extra care, so you want to make sure you buy the right one for your area. There are many kinds of sod you can find, like Bermuda grass sod, blue grass sod, centipede grass sod, and zeon zoysia grass sod. However, if you are looking for sod for your private lawn, commercial landscapes, fairway, and tees on golf courses, resorts, or near the ocean, then zeon zoysia is your answer. It is soft, finely bladed, and dense, so it is barefoot friendly. 


When choosing sod, go for a deep dark green color one like zeon zoysia because it is extraordinarily appealing to the eyes and gives a sense of peace and calmness. More so, it should not require much water and is drought tolerant. Also, there are fewer chances of growing thatch on it. 

A copybook sod should be more resistant to heat and cold than other turfs. If you are looking for fresh, healthy, and high-quality sod, you should consult a professional with experience, versatility, and a good reputation. Atlanta sod farms can be the best choice. 

Ideal characteristics

Look for a sod that can be found in different parts of the world, showing that it can survive in a diversified climate. It I have long, deep roots in the ground to absorb moisture and keep itself hydrated, and should have a fast-spreading rate. An ideal sod should have excellent retention for its color in late and early seasons like zeon zoysia. Well, adaptation to the soil is unique to very few sods, including zeon zoysia. Sod should be able to handle full sun and moderate shade. 

Whereas other sod requires a lot of sunlight and more time to spread, their color changes from green to brown in winters which do not please the viewer and may get damaged by cold weather like centipede sod. 

Maintenance requirements

While looking for an ideal sod, you should keep some points in mind.The most important one is its maintenance.That is, it canbe easily maintained by a standard rotary-type lawn mower and need daily fertilizers and herbicides that you can buy from local nurseries or hardware shops.  


 Buying a sod under certification will ensure that you buy the best quality sod. Zeon zoysia is a special and only turf sold under certification. 


Before buying a sod, many things should be considered, including its health, freshness, sun tolerance, cold tolerance, growth rate, shade tolerance, and many more. Zeon zoysia is a sod that fulfills all the ideal criteria. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Zeon Zoysia go dormant?

The best climate for the growth of zeon zoysia is the warm season, and it grows best in hot climates like in the upper south states. In these regions, it stays green for a longer time and goes dormant in the winter. Dormant refers to a state in which the grass does not show any growth but is not entirely dead. When the favorable conditions return, it will start growing back. 

How do you care for Zeon Zoysia?

To take the best care of zeon zoysia, take the following steps: 

  • At each mowing, ensure you don’t mow more than 1/3rd of a leaf. 
  • Catch and remove clippings, and always use high-quality and sharp blades for mowing. 
  • Use either  the wheel mower or the rotary mower. 
  • The mowing requirements are usually low but not lower than the centipede. 
  • You should mow the lawn after almost every 7-10 days. 

When Should I Aerate Zeon Zoysia?

Aeration should be done when the lawn is at its primary growth conditions and encourages growth. It is necessary for all types of turf grasses. If it’s a cool-season grass like fescue and bluegrass, the best time for aeration is fall and spring. For warm-season grasses like St Augustine, Bermuda, and zoysia, the late spring is the best time to aerate. As zeon zoysia is a warm climate grass, its aeration is also required in late spring. 

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