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Flag football is seeking a spot in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles

The NFL supports the flag as part of football. The 2028 Winter Olympics in Los Angeles.

Flag football is a big deal, locally and globally. There are currently 71 countries on five continents that are members of the American International Soccer League and the flag bearer will participate in 30 games, which are on display at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama in July, the first step in expanding the game

This is big, and the ultimate goal is the Olympics.

According to Pierre Troches, Reflag football represents competition with world games as well as Olympics and other events where gender balance, small sports, low sports turnover and sporting budgets are not recognized.

Competition to qualify for the Olympics could be tough because baseball and softball are expected to return to Paris in 2024 after the ban. Lacrosse and cricket are other popular sports in Los Angeles and can be in high demand.

“There will be a diverse crowd going to the Los 스포츠중계 IFAF President Andy Fuller said. “I will focus on the way forward; Left or right it’s good for us”.

But the World Cup could be expensive this summer

It’s also a powerful example of how a flag ball drops across a large, dramatic field. The event will provide an opportunity for spectators to not only see a sport that appeals to the younger generation, but that just about everyone will be able to participate.

“When you watch ‘football’ in France, everyone is sitting in the NFL,” Hollenbeck said. “You see the kind of guys that play that style on this court, and you understand it. All of a sudden, we’re introduced to this concept of standard practice and you think, “I don’t want to be 6 – 4, 300 pounds, 4.2,” but I am it would be normal. “An opportunity to represent your country in the Olympics? That’s a great opportunity.

inviting the wider world”.

The quiet IFAF spokesman, “But we also have work to do to grow and we have strong competitive programs on all continents over the next five, six, seven years.

“The Olympic games are the best sport in the world. Men’s and women’s flag football can be played, mixed, easily replicated and safe.”

But making an Olympic novel is not easy

The NFL’s clout and popularity behind flag football could draw attention to the organizers of the IOC Games in Los Angeles.

“The NFL banner is one of the fastest growing sports in America

Country and world boys, girls and women. Under IFAF’s leadership, we are committed to providing opportunities for players to play American soccer at all levels and to supporting IFAF’s work to help grow the game globally. ” Domaine Leach, director of international operations for the NFL. “We are excited to be able to flag football for the start of the World Series this summer and continue to support the work of IFAF to promote the flag bearer at the Olympic Games, events two of the world. the world’s next generation of players.”

So did Scott Hollenbeck, vice president of IFAF and president of USA Football, which governs the game in this country.

“With that in mind, hopefully IFAF, LA 28 and the IOC can now say that the Olympics is a place that will have a huge impact and attract people to start the sport not only in this country but all over the world.” in all respects.

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