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Floor Sanding In Ballerup, Lyngby And The Rest Of Copenhagen

In order to keep your floor alive and give it its freshness back, it may be necessary to carry out a floor sanding. A floor sanding removes a few millimeters of the top layer on the floor, so that the veins and details of the wood stand out clearly and nicely.

Whether it is linoleum, vinyl, parquet or plank floors, we solve the task professionally and on time. We offer (cheap) Gulvafslibning København and the rest of Greater Copenhagen.

At Gulvkbh, we have more than 17 years of experience in floor sanding and finishing. Over the years, we have sanded and finished floors for both private homeowners, housing associations and companies. We are a company that understands us thoroughly.

We are ready to help you create a new life in your home. Gulvkbh guarantees you a beautiful and durable floor.

Professional floor sanding and finishing in Ballerup, Lyngby and the rest of Greater Copenhagen

Beautiful floors help to create a new life and a fresher life in your home. If your wooden floors have scratches and nicks or if the current varnish on the wooden floor has been worn down, it is necessary to sand it to maintain a nice floor.

After sanding, the floor is finished in the form of varnishing, oil treatment, lye treatment or soap treatment – depending on which expression you go for.

Thorough advice for your floor sanding in Ballerup, Lyngby and the rest of Greater Copenhagen

When it comes to floor care, we provide thorough advice on how the floor should be treated on a daily basis. Therefore, we recommend that you choose our expertise if you need to have the floor sanded. We have performed several different types of tasks for both individuals and businesses and therefore have broad knowledge in everything related to floor sanding and planning. Contact us and get a free and non-binding offer.

Does a floor sanding dust a lot?

In the case of a floor sanding, the dust comes with it. However, we use machines that have extraction. This means that most of the dust from floor sanding is sucked away during the execution of the work and in this way we minimize the dust in the home. However, it should be pointed out that floor sanding dust goes hand in hand and it can therefore not be completely avoided that the dust spreads.

At Gulvkbh, we always make sure to vacuum after sanding, but it may be necessary to dust off the walls, among other things, as the dust settles.

What does sanding floors cost?

At Gulvkbh we offer cheap floor sanding. We understand giving your old floors a new life without you having to pay a fortune.

No two floors are alike and the prices for sanding can therefore vary from floor to floor.

Your floor sanding price will typically depend on the floor condition, the floor type and how many square feet it is.

Floor sanding and finishing does not have to be an expensive pleasure. At Gulvkbh, we offer cheap floor sanding and finishing in a class of its own. We deliver good results whether you choose varnishing, lye treatment, oil treatment or soap treatment after your floor sanding.

Contact us and get a cheap offer on floor service in Copenhagen and convert.

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