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Fun activities to help children learn


It is true when they say that it is difficult to make children learn peacefully by using a simple technique. They are interested in their approach to grasping things, and it often becomes difficult for them to sustain their attention on one concept for a long time unless a fruitful incentive is presented.


Although the play learning theory supports that children should be taught using playful methods, the theories and active techniques also change with time. So, here are some of the fun activities that will help the Montessori children learn in the most exciting ways:


Fun geographic activities

Knowing the geographical locations is one of the trickiest parts of any school curriculum. But, if a child gains cognizance of it at an early age, it won’t be so hard for them in the future. Learning geography can be fun with the help of colorful maps and pastel colors.


With the correct color coding and having a colorful map on the wall at all times, it becomes easier for children to learn and retain things in their memory. Any international school in Tokyo that helps children learn with these fun geographic activities is sure to be the best fit for your child. So, don’t miss the opportunity and contact them today.


Engaging in fun outdoor games

Taking children outdoors to help them learn in the natural environment, amongst the refreshing sounds of nature, is one of the best things you can do to stimulate their young minds. For example, you can take them to a garden and ask them to walk around while they name the things they see along their way.


In this manner, they will stimulate their visual and verbal cues and know what things are. In retrospect, you can correct them subtly if they say something that is not right. It is strongly advised not to insult them over their mistakes.


Install a chalkboard

A chalkboard is one of the simplest and most readily available tools to help children learn early. You can encourage them to write on a board with chalk or draw whatever they wish to do.


Furthermore, you can ask the rest of the class to guess what the other person is making. This is a fun way for children to exhibit what they have learned. In addition, it also stimulates interaction between classmates.


Set up some blocks and toys.

Toys here do not mean the regular robots, trucks, and automatic cars that are commercially available. Children learn nothing from it and might as well be hampering their crucial learning time. Toys and blocks are cubbies made of cardboard or color-coded boxes that enable the child to create a pattern and stay organized in their approach to learning. It improves their spatial perception over time.


Engage the child in real-life activities in school.


This involves assigning them tasks and activities like bread making, setting the table, making a fun lunch for themselves, making gifts for their parents and friends, gardening, arranging their wardrobe and wearing color-coordinated clothes, and setting up fun activities like mystery bags, and so on. It prepares them to function in real life and boosts their self-esteem immensely.


The best tokyo international preschool will ensure that all the concepts of the play-learning theory mentioned above are integrated with the learning pedagogy of the students. This is true of the Global Indian International School in Tokyo. Enroll your child to help him have a fun learning experience at school today!

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