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Funeral insurance for companies: extensive protection for workers and their families

Everyone knows that many companies decide to take out group health insurance for their employees, a practice that results not only in complete health care for workers but also in a greater commitment by them to the firm they work for.

Although other NPI insurance products, such as life or death, are not so well known, they are also a good way of protecting and assisting the workforce and even their families, providing them with useful coverage and guarantees, facilitating greater professionalism, and contributing to the identification of these with the signature. A win-win, as the Americans say: a situation in which everyone wins.

Today we are going to focus on death insurance for companies, which can not only be taken out by companies that want to ensure their workers but also by any group that wants to do the same with its components.

What is business insurance for? In general, these types of products offer three important groups of coverage: those related to burial management and expenses, those related to death assistance, and family assistance. We will explain in more detail what each one consists of.

Basic coverage

Through the burial management and expenses guarantee, the insurance company guarantees the provision of the funeral service in the event of the death of one of the insured persons, always with the maximum limit of the insured capital. The services can be provided through the insurer’s own means or through other companies contracted for that purpose.

In the case of the best funeral insurance, the coverage related to death assistance can be numerous, and all of them are very useful. The national and international transfer is in charge of moving the body of the deceased from wherever it is to the place of death, the cemetery, or the corresponding incinerator plant, provided that it is in Spanish territory; the bereavement management guarantees the provision of a telephone support service, psychological and emotional care for a family member of the insured person in the event of their death; The agency service offers this assistance, in this case of a practical and bureaucratic nature, and is of great help for the procedures that the client’s relatives have to carry out (advice on succession procedures, obtaining certificates and a long etcetera).

Other coverage that can be included in this broad guarantee is that of medical-legal expenses, which takes care of the excess cost that occurs for this reason in cases where judicial intervention is required; that of special services, which can provide a funeral service in the event of the death of a child of an insured woman due to an involuntary interruption of pregnancy or in the event of the death of a newborn; or digital end-of-life management, which deals with erasing the presence of the deceased on the internet.

But, as you know, funeral insurance can be much more, and also in the case of policies for companies or associations. So much so that competitive death insurance for companies can also include a wide range of coverage within the family assistance guarantee. Among them are travel assistance, a second medical opinion, access to health and dental care, and multiple telephone counseling services, from social to legal through psychological or medical. 

These types of products are also capable of integrating telecare services -for sending doctors or ambulances or requesting emergency help or information-; home assistance (telepharmacy, cleaning, catering, accompaniment, hairdressing, podiatry, medical and veterinary services); or specialties related to wellness or health, either directly or by offering significant discounts in areas such as psychology, speech therapy, acupuncture, predictive medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry, optics, audiology, eye surgery, dietetics, nutrition, spas, gyms or aesthetic medicine.

Additional guarantees

But that is not all. In some of the best funeral insurance for companies, you can optionally contract a specific capital for death or disability due to an accident, a daily subsidy in case of hospitalization for any reason, and even a pedagogical assistance service for the smallest of the family. Family unit. So the workers of a company can be more than satisfied if their firm decides to take out a death policy with a reliable and quality insurance company. Now it is up to you to choose which is the best funeral insurance for companies in the event that you have considered subscribing to one or have been asked for advice on the matter.


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