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Guide What Type of Food Packaging is best in COVID-19

The current outbreak of coronavirus has impacted the different sectors of the industry, which is resulting in the closure of many businesses. The food industry is among the major hits of covid-19, and it is almost at the brink of collapse. Food packaging is the only thing that can contribute towards the renaissance of this industry and make it stand again on its feet. For this, it needs to be protective enough so that you can deliver the food products safely without any fear of spreading coronavirus. There are various types of food packaging that are already being used by businesses to speed up the recovery of financial losses caused by this grave situation.

  • Gable Packages

The gable packages are specially use for the packing of food products of all types and ensure their complete safety from outside factors. They are one-piece boxes that have a flat and sturdy bottom that can hold items up to a certain weight. On the top side, they have two ends with built-in slits that fold up or close into the handles. The canopy-shape handle is known for providing convenience to the people during the handling or carrying purpose from one place to the other. Their completely enclosed structure does not give any way to the outside particles to get inside, and thus, are effective in delivering the food without any risk of coronavirus.

  • Tray Sleeves

Sleeve packages with trays and partitions are one of the best food boxes that can prove influential in the food products, safe from the impact of coronavirus. Actually, they have two parallel layers; the upper layer is called a sleeve, and the lower one a drawer. The drawer slides across the sleeve in a way that they form an enclosing structure that does not let any outer particle let inside. There is a chance that the food items inside can get expose to the outer atmospheric conditions when the drawer gets open from one end. To mitigate the chances of the opening of the slider from any end, you can seal the sleeve food packages from both ends so that they do not get opened unless the customers do not open the seal.

  •  Cubic Shape Boxes

The cubic shape packages are another best choice to pack your edibles safely by putting a halt at the entry of outside contaminants. Crafted out of durable cardboard material, they have strong walls on all four sides that act as shields against harmful external elements. On the bottom, they have sturdy flaps that close and fit together in a perfect way. On the top side, they have a large lid that closes perfectly to make an enclosed packaging, but for extra security from the outer atmosphere, you can seal it with some kinds of tapes. They have some extra space inside that can be filled with the help of bubble wraps made up from polythene for extra safety. The customers can sanitize these bubble wraps before consuming the edibles enclosed in them.

  • Shoulder Box

The shoulder food boxes continue to be the top choice of the food business owners due to their durability and resistive characteristics against the detrimental elements present in the environment. The lid of these food packages fits completely flush with the base and is firmly held in place by a shoulder perfectly suited on the base. Some variants of these packages may have a small space between the lid and the base. Do not use such variants and opt for the one which does not leave any space between the bottom and top cover. It will help your food products retain their originality and keep them away from getting stick to damaging particles that can prove detrimental to the health of the consumers in this coronavirus outbreak.

  •  Seal-End Packaging

Seal-end packaging is perhaps, the most beneficial solution for packing and delivering food items in a safe and secure manner. It features two overlapping flaps and panels on its lid that slide over one another in order to assure a smooth opening and closing experience. It is always ship and deliver flat, and the great thing about it is that it requires no additional tapes or adhesives for an excellent closure. They come with an auto-lock bottom that does not open up easily. Assures the complete safety of the edibles inside from being subjected to outside factors.

That is why this food box style is becoming the go-to choice of many food business owners around the world in this grave pandemic situation. To wrap up, these are some of the best food packaging types in the covid-19 situation. Every food business owner is embracing their use for boosting the confidence of the customers in them to buy edibles from them. The food box types such as gable, tray sleeves, seal-end, shoulder, and cubic shape are currently the best choices to assure complete safety of edibles.



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