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Hack cell phone spy by number

We’ve all seen action movies where the character tries to force someone to speak up. In real life, we come across secrets that drive us crazy. Is my son taking drugs? What if my employees are stealing from me? Making them tell the truth using force is a crime. Fighting and asking are useless. Hiring a private detective is certainly very expensive. The only cheap, acceptable and legal way out is to use cell phone spying software like spy note.

BrunoEspião offers 2 days of free cell phone tapping. With our cell phone spy software, you will get all the answers very fast, leaving your kids and employees wondering: How did you find out?

Once installed on the target cellphone or tablet, our cell phone tracker starts monitoring the device including calls, GPS location, SMS, Whatsapp, facebook, keystrokes, ambient listening, photos, it records calls around cellphone, remotely blocks websites and inappropriate apps, prevent unwanted contacts from calling, and much more! Anywhere in the world the program will work perfectly. BrunoEspião cell phone tracking software is imperceptible, which means you can track a cell phone and the owner won’t notice a thing!

The company

We are an entirely Brazilian company that develops software solutions for cell phone monitoring used by almost 50 thousand people around the world. Driven by a strong desire for perfection, we quickly gained market share, we are the best in Brazil.

Since the beginning, in 2009, what drives us is the ease of the system which is very simple, as we want everyone to make the most of our services. We are committed to providing our customers with all the help they may need to install and use our cell phone tracking software effectively and easily, for that we put tutorial videos on frequently asked questions and video solutions for you to understand easily..

We are excited to offer our customers the cell phone tracking solution and we are very proud of our work. Used correctly, our cell phone tracking app can make the world a better place with less deception and lies. This is what encourages us to keep improving our cell phone tracking software and service.

Lawful Use

How dare you!

Generally, sellers hear from people who have no idea that cell phone tracking software is allowed by law. They think this is wrong for being spying. They call him a harasser, nosy, nosy… But they don’t know that a cell phone tracker like BrunoEspião saves the lives of many children every day.

Our children face real risks, especially in today’s world. They can make wrong decisions and jeopardize their future. Getting involved with narcotics, being a victim of online harassment, premature sex, reckless behavior… When you are identified in time, by those responsible, such dangers can be avoided. Track your child’s cell phone and you will understand the importance of being together steps forward. Is the use of cell phone tracking apps to supervise children and adolescents really legal? The answer is a Yes, absolutely sure!

And what about entrepreneurs? BrunoEspião is also crucial in choosing them when it comes to mobile spy solutions. If you are a business owner who does not pay attention to unproductive activities of employees, then it is very unlikely that you will continue in the market. Track your employees’ cell phones with BrunoEspião and you’ll collect a lot of information about how they’re doing their jobs. If someone deserves a bonus, you’ll know. If someone has committed a corporate crime, you will also know. Should you fear lawsuits from your employees for tracking them with cell phone tracking software? No, the law will be on your side as long as you:

If you are of legal age, let them know about the monitoring and get their written consent.

If your child is of legal age, you will not be able to track a cell phone without the child’s permission.

Describe the permitted use of the cell phone for work matters and prohibit inappropriate use of the device.

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